gift wrap storage bag holding rolls of gift wrap, bows, gift bags, and gift tags

Pack Like a Pro: Holiday Storage Solutions

Written by: Katherine Flacco



Time to read 3 min

Because there’s no reason you can’t make your holiday storage solutions merry and bright.

Holiday storage can seem like a daunting task, and if we’re being totally honest, a little hectic. There’s unboxing and unpacking, setting up, and then taking everything down in a matter of a few short weeks. How you store your holiday decorations is personal. It varies based on lifestyle, preferences, and most importantly, space. Decorating for Christmas can be fun and magical, but also incredibly stressful when it comes to figuring out how to put it all away. We understand the temptation of putting everything haphazardly into storage containers and calling it done (I have fallen victim to this temptation). This will only lead to a stressful start to the next holiday season and make it difficult to find what you’re looking for when it comes time to set everything up. Avoid the headache and take the time now to plan and invest in the right holiday storage solutions.

There’s an art to finding the right storage organizers that work for your décor, space, and lifestyle. Finding all the proper holiday storage solutions you need to help neatly and efficiently put it all away will make a world of difference. We’re here to help simplify the holiday clean-up process and hopefully provide better ways for you to put the holidays away this year, and hopefully, years to come. Plus, many of our holiday storage solutions are decorated in an iconic buffalo plaid print to make things a bit more festive.

Get ready to unbox a little holiday cheer with our sturdy ornament storage box. This lidded organizer protects delicate Christmas treasures and includes a front label holder so you can easily identify what’s inside. This spacious interior has room to store everything from Christmas lights to delicate tree toppers, holiday figurines, and more.

Don’t forget the power of labeling. You only access these items once a year so it’s important to note everything inside containers, totes, and bins so you don’t forget and potentially rebuy. Do the hard work now that way life will be easier later.  If you’re feeling motivated, go ahead and label all those other storage containers you have piled up in your basement or attic—trust us, you’ll feel relieved once everything is put away and properly labeled.

Keep your artificial wreath from getting crushed amongst other holiday decorations with this zippered wreath bag. Perfect for storing wreaths up to 19 inches in diameter, this convenient holiday storage solution protects and stores between seasons. Even better, it can also be used to store artificial garland. 

Keep wrapping paper rolls pristine and avoid denting season after season with this standing organizer (it will be our little secret that you use the same roll two seasons in a row!). Its narrow profile takes up minimal space in attics and basements or can easily tuck it inside closets for easy access.

Enjoy hassle-free gift-wrapping year after year with this all-in-one organizer. Be holiday-ready with this zippered organizer that includes four large storage pockets so you can store wrapping paper, gift bags, gift boxes, tissue paper, and other gifting essentials in one convenient place. The best part, its small footprint fits under the bed and takes up minimal space wherever it's stored.

If space allows, set up this storage organizer and create a gift-wrapping station for the holidays or any time you need. This handy organizer features slots for wrapping paper, a bigger compartment for tissue paper and gift boxes, and mesh pockets to store bows and other trimmings so you can wrap with ease.

Whether you have this or not, our battery organizer is life-changing. Holiday decorations like timers and toys require batteries and keeping everything in one convenient and organized location will help you find what you need quickly and easily. mDesign Tip: Always take batteries out of decorations before storing to help avoid damage or corrosion down the road.

Tackle holiday storage once and for all and give all your ornaments, decorations, and gifting essentials a proper and protected home—you’ll thank us and yourself later. Here’s to the start of making decorating next year full of cheer.