Organize Your Drawers in 5 Easy Steps

Organize Your Drawers in 5 Easy Steps

You quickly need a pen so you open the aptly-named junk drawer. Twenty minutes later, you've found a single earring, a mess of paper clips, thumbtacks and rubber bands, $2.36 in change, your old phone charger... and you still need a pen.  We all suffer from messy drawers sometimes, whether in the Kitchen, Office, Bathroom or Bedroom, but we don't have to!  Organizing and storing your go-to items has never been easier.  
Here are our 5 easy steps to tackle the mess once and for all:

1 Remove Everything 
We know you have heard it before, but it’s true. Start by completely emptying out your drawer - and that means everything! You need to see what you have in order to get organized. (Since the drawer is empty, you might as well give it a good cleaning too!)

2 Sort Your Stuff 
Once the drawer is empty, begin sorting items into three piles: Keep, Pitch and Move. Start with these three basics and go from there. Keep the things you need, pitch the ones that don’t work, you don't need or simply just don’t want anymore. Use the move pile for things that don’t belong in this particular drawer.

After you have your three basic piles, go through the Keep pile and ask yourself if you really use the item, if it brings you value, or if you just really love it - make sure to hold on to these! Remember you are trying to get organized and edit your items, so if you have 50 highlighters, ask yourself if you really need all of them, or if you could donate a few (or maybe most of the pile).

Now that you know what you want to keep, start sorting the items that will go back into the drawer. We like to start sorting by application first (for example keep all the writing instruments together) and then by size. You can combine or subdivide depending on the number of items you have and the available drawer space.

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3 Measure 
You will need to measure your drawer (remember to check the inside dimensions including the height), and you should also measure your products. Once you have this information you are ready to find the right organizers for the job. You will know if you need several smaller spaces, or few larger ones depending upon the number of items, how big they are, and how much drawer space you have. Double check the dimensions of the organizers that you select and make sure they will fit into the drawer (remember, you have those inside drawer dimensions for reference).

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4 Arrange 
Once you have picked out your organizing bins, play around with different configurations until you find one that works for you. Maximize your drawer space, and make contents quick and easy to find. We like to put the items we use most frequently up front.

5 Relax 
You’ve got this! Everything is now back in its place and you are ready to tackle those items in the Move pile. Remember that one? No worries, now you know where to start and what to do!

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Click on the images above to see how to organize the drawers in each room of your house.

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Posted: Apr 11, 2019