New Product Update - July 2019

New Product Update - July 2019

Some of Our Top Products in Your Favorite Home Spaces

We already know just how difficult it can be to find that perfect product that fits the specific space you are looking to organize. Whether it’s a cluttered kitchen drawer, kid’s bedroom closet, or home office desk, there is always a certain space that is just itching for an organizing upgrade.

In order to make selecting your miracle product easier, we have compiled a list of our top seven newest product essentials which will be sure to spark some inspiration!

Curved Bathroom Towel Holder

1 Curved Bathroom Towel Holder

Make the most of your unused bathroom space and try mounting our towel holder in that space on the wall that is dying for some décor. The stylish curve gives this holder a decorative wall art look while keeping bathing essentials easily accessible.

Collapsible Zipper Bag Storage Cube

2 Collapsible Zipper Bag Storage Cube

This soft storage organizer keeps closet clutter under control by storing all your clothing and accessories in one convenient place. The zipper closure makes each bag easy and simple to open while still making it possible to see what’s inside with the see-through window.

Bamboo Kitchen Lid Bin

3 Bamboo Kitchen Lid Bin

Looking for an easy way to help create a clean and beautiful kitchen cabinet or pantry? This bamboo bin includes three storage compartments, making it easy to organize all the lids to your go-to food storage containers. Putting away leftovers has never been such a breeze!

Deep Lazy Susan Turntable with Handles

4 Deep Lazy Susan Turntable with Handles

With the kitchen being the heart of the home, it’s so important to clear the clutter from your storage spaces and organize your items in a way that is easily accessible. With three built-in handles, this rotating Lazy Susan is perfect for upper shelf storage and maximizes any space in your home – not just the kitchen.

Wide Fabric Dresser

5 Wide Fabric Dresser

Create coordinated organization in any room of the house with this furniture stand. With a lightweight design, this dresser provides plenty of storage space, featuring seven removable drawers. Mix and match this storage solution with other mDesign furniture for endless organizing possibilities.

Bathroom Cleaning and Waste Can Storage Combo

6 Bathroom Cleaning and Waste Can Storage Combo

In need of all of those bathroom cleaning essentials? This 3-piece set includes a toilet bowl plunger, bowl brush, and round wastebasket. Our space-saving designs fit into tight bathroom areas, making it easy to tuck these items away when needed.

Hanging Closet Shelf Fabric Storage

7 Hanging Closet Shelf Fabric Storage

It is easy to add convenient custom storage to any closet with this hanging accessory organizer. Keep your bedroom clutter under control by maximizing space and storing all the essentials off the ground and other surfaces in one convenient place.

Feeling Inspired?

If any of these products have just given you life, then be sure to check out the rest of our newest essentials as soon as they are released at our shop all page.

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Posted: Aug 2, 2019