National Hair Day

National Hair Day

Tips, Organization and More to Do Hair Day the Right Way!

There’s definitely something to be said about going to the hair salon. It’s a privilege many of us realized we missed throughout the last six months when many salons were closed. To say the least, our heads of hair are definitely showing the lack of attention! Grown out roots, split ends, crazy boxed color attempts, you name it.

Now that some salons are opening up again, we can start getting back out there and giving ourselves a refresher, as we all deserve. While this takes lots of time and let’s face it, money, there are some other options for achieving a new look without heading out to spend hundreds.

Below are some great tips for quick hairstyles you can give yourself, especially when that “15 minutes” until your next Zoom meeting reminder pops up that you completely forgot about. Whip your ‘do into shape with some of these quick styles and you’ll be looking your best for any last-minute meeting.

Top Knot

Otherwise known as basically, a messy bun. This is a classic, simple look. Just toss your hair in a bun, throw some moisturizer on your face and you’re ready to go! A nice bun on top makes you look polished and professional, even if you achieved the look in under 15 seconds!


This is a two-for-one sort of hair style. Braid your hair into two sides and boom, a cute hairstyle that can hide even the worst of bed heads or one day too long of not showering! Sleep on the braids, take them out the next morning and you’ll have gorgeous natural waves that provide you with another full day’s worth of a hairstyle.

You can also braid a piece, or a few pieces, up into a ponytail to put a spin on a classic, somewhat boring style.


Grab some bobby pins (if you can find any - they always seem to go missing) and pin some of your hair off to the side, opening up your face a little bit. This can also be a cute option if you have side bangs and want to switch up your look a little bit! Or you can add a headband if your hair simply isn’t cooperating in time for your next meeting.

With accessories comes the need for somewhere to organize them so they’re ready to grab when you’re hurrying before your meeting begins! For hair ties, hair clips, bow and bobby pins, you can use mDesign’s 8-section hair accessory organizer. Even better? These organizers stack on top of one another if you are really accessory crazy. A slimmer option that can slide right into your vanity drawer or even your desk drawer, is the 5-section hair accessory organizer box.

8 Section Large Stacking Hair Accessory Storage Box for Ties, Clips, and Bobby Pins

Half Up

A super quick and easy style, regardless of your hair type, length or color is the half up, half down look. Turn the top half into a little bun or leave it down for a half pony! It makes you look as though you’ve put in effort into your morning routine, even if it really only consisted of a cup of coffee and turning on your computer.

If you are planning a trip to the salon sometime soon to repair the damage that quarantine has caused, see this list trendy cuts and styles you can try to revamp your look.

Enjoy National Hair Day 2020 by trying some new looks to shake of the pandemic blues and impress your coworkers on your next Zoom call!

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Posted: Oct 1, 2020