mDesign takes in Bloom Summit 2019

mDesign takes in Bloom Summit 2019

Recap of our fun Cali trip

Ahh, fresh California air! There is nothing like waking up on the West Coast to meet some influencers in the health and beauty community. mDesign was super fortunate to be invited to the Bloom Summit this year.

What is the Bloom Summit you ask? It is a wellness and beauty retreat for celebrities, influencers, makeup artists and guests. We were there to learn, connect with like-minded community and get people pumped about our unique home solutions.

The summit kicked off Saturday, June 1st at The Beverly Hilton - #goals, right? – with speakers to talk through topics on nutrition, beauty trends, and wellness. Along with the speakers, there was a showcase of vendors. This is where we talked with all the wonderful people at the summit and put our products in the consumer's hands. We highlighted our pink/rose gold collection because hello it’s really trendy right now!

mDesign loved being a part of the event and can’t wait to share more products with everyone. Check out our fun video. It’s not as good as the real thing, but it will have to do for now!

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Posted: Jun 18, 2019