Locker Essentials for Every Student

Locker Essentials for Every Student

Locker storage and decorating solutions for the new school year

Growing up, what I looked forward to the most each school year was how I was deciding how I was going to decorate my locker. Your locker is one way to show the rest of your classmates your personality through your decorations. Along with your locker looking its best, it also needs to be functional! Even if you are not wearing your best outfit that day, your locker with be looking perfect with these helpful design and storage tips.

Organizing Your Space

Round Bamboo Bathroom Vanity Magnifying Mirror with Drawer Metal Under Shelf Hanging Kitchen Pantry Shelf Storage Basket Organizer

These Locker Organizers are perfect for any little accessories like pencils, sticky notes, headphones, makeup, or your cell phone. They have self-adhesive which makes for quick and simple storage for any space in your locker. Keep a magnetic To-Do list nearby to ensure you are getting everything done throughout the week.

If you need a face check between classes but no time to go to the restroom, this Magnifying Mirror with a Drawer is great for makeup touch ups and will store larger makeup products that do not fit in the wall organizers. Plus you can stack this on top this Drawer Organizer for any additional storage of all the other miscellaneous items that gather throughout the year.

Nearly every school locker has a shelf for books, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. The Under-Hanging Shelf from mDesign adds just enough extra storage for notebooks or folders without losing space for your backpack, lunch, and larger items. You also can’t forget all those loose water bottles that are always thrown at the bottom of your bag and locker. Keep them neat and organized with this stackable Water Bottle Holder. This can also hold your bottled coffees, soda, or whatever else you like to drink.

Add Your Own Style

To spice up all the organization your locker, add some decorative stickers to your locker door and inside. Adding color where you can will make your locker look fresh. Line your locker door with scrapbook and contact paper to create a customized look. Personalize it by decorating with homemade magnets, printable posters, and pictures of friends! Last, don’t forget some battery-operated string lights or a locker chandelier either.

Free Printable 8x10 Decorative Wall Posters

Now your locker is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece AND still functional!

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Posted: Aug 26, 2020