Linen Closet Overhaul for the Beginner DIY-er

Linen Closet Overhaul for the Beginner DIY-er

It's spring cleaning time! While we tend to focus on the lived-in areas of the home, there are other places to tackle this season too such as the linen closet. Now be honest, when was the last time you gave this space a deep clean and re-organization? Jaclyn Quinone from Crazy Life with Littles walks us through her process to make the linen closet stylish, organized, and practical.

One of the most difficult areas to organize can be the linen closet. Ditch the clutter and follow these simple ideas to completely overhaul your space...

The Plan

I’ve been on a bit of an organization bender lately. During one of my Pinterest searches I came across a fairly inexpensive way to cover up wire shelving. Liz from Within the Grove made DIY Faux Floating Shelves that are so easy and beginner friendly.

Besides having my husband cut the wood, I did the rest of this project. That’s how easy it is.

Organization + Storage

Because I had done such a massive purge before we moved, I didn’t have too much to organize and get rid of here.

Purging Tip: You shouldn’t need more than 2 sets of sheets per bed.

We now have 3 full size beds so I really only keep 2 spare sets in addition to the sheets that are currently on the beds. If you’re placing your sheets/towels directly onto the shelves you will want to consider lining them or creating the Faux Floating Shelves.


These are essentials to keeping your closets organized! Group like items together in bins so that they’re easy to find and don’t slide off anywhere.

This linen closet is in my kids bathroom, so I opted to keep their most used items at eye level (for them). This lazy susan holds all their hair and teeth products that they use every day.

I used 6″ clear bins to hold washcloths and longer clear trays for toiletries such as soap and lotions. They would also work well for organizing makeup in a drawer.

Fabric and weave baskets now hold the sheets and towels.

Tip: Store sheet sets inside of the pillowcase to keep sets from getting separated.

Extra toilet paper is stored at the bottom (again, kids) in this beautiful large weave basket. I seriously want more of these. Great quality!

The Result!

This blog as been abridged and reposted with permission from Crazy Life with Littles. Read the full article here.

Find inspiration for your linen closet dreams here.

It's Time to Clean House

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Posted: Mar 11, 2020