neutral bedroom environment with throw blankets and pillows on bed, velvet throw pillow on upholstered chair by coffee table

How to Transition from Summer to Fall Home Decor

Written by: Kristen Anderson



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Making your home feel like fall is as simple as adding new accent pieces in cozy fall tones.

Transitioning your home from summer to fall means more than turning up the thermostat and breaking out the pumpkin spice candles. Creating a warm, inviting space that makes you want to cuddle up is as easy as layering in pieces with warm, rich tones and creating an environment that nurtures your favorite indoor fall activities. The best places to snuggle up this fall are the bed and the coach, and transitioning them to a fall palette is as simple as it is rewarding!

Your Bed

Using the start of fall, or the change of any season, as a natural reminder to wash and freshen up your bed is a great way to ensure the place you rest your head is clean and restful. Fall also presents a fantastic opportunity to incorporate an earthy color palette that will make it pleasantly hard to get out of bed on those crisp fall mornings and make you eager to make your new bedtime earlier and earlier to enjoy your comfy oasis.


For a revamp that makes a full, immediate fall impact, try switching out your current bed set to a cotton quilt set with warm stripes. This set will give you the fluffy warmth we all crave during the fall while being breathable and comfortable, as well as subtly introduce warm tones to your room that are still neutral enough to blend seamlessly with the rest of your decor. 

A versatile piece that can be used to amplify the vibes of the season is a new cotton quilt set or used on its own with your existing bed dressing to add a fall twist, a cotton blanket is a fall must-have. Layering in throw blankets and pillows creates a homey, lived-in texture to your bed that you won't be able to resist cuddling up and finally cracking into that book you've been meaning to read.

You can make transitioning your bed for the seasons simple by keeping your sheets neutral letting your comforter and accents do the heavy lifting. Cotton percale sheets are breathable and perfect for year-round use, and their durability means that all you have to do is pop them in the washer and dryer to make them feel brand new. (Is there anything better than getting into a nice, clean bed?)

Pieces to transition your bed (don't need to do everything, can keep a neutral staple year round (put something here) and swap out an element or 2, like your comforter or pillow shams. 

Your Couch

Whether you prefer spooky movies or you're getting ready for your annual fall Gilmore Girls rewatch, your coach likely gets a lot of use during the autumn months. Enhance your experience by creating a fall-themed couch with just a few effortless accents to make you feel like you're in Stars Hollow. 

The rich feel of velvet throw pillows in a toasty color offers a pop of fall style and a hefty dose of cozy comfort. To add an eclectic feel to your sofa, layer in a patterned throw pillow featuring shapes in a complimentary fall color. Combining different fabric finishes and designs creates interest, calling even the busiest fall enthusiast to sit down and rest.

And if they should want to make that rest even more appealing? A nice, light, washed gauze throw blanket allows you to wrap yourself up and feel like you're giving yourself a treat without the bulk or weight that might signal that it's nap time. On top of that, having a light throw blanket draped over the arm of a couch is a chic look that never goes out of style and offers another opportunity to incorporate a fall color palette without making any significant changes.

Extra Credit: Your Kitchen

Sure, you might not be ready to paint your cabinets to match the foliage, but there are things you can do in the kitchen to nurture that fall spirit.

Fall is the time to break out the hot drinks -- hello, tea season! A divided tea bag storage bin is a great way to prevent cabinet clutter. Since it's so attractive, you can place it on your counter to turn your tea holder into a cozy drink station and a functional, decorative accent. These are perfect for entertaining too!

Speaking of accents, incorporating natural elements into your decor evokes an outdoorsy fall feel. Using a 2-tiered lazy Susan with ash wood details doubles storage capacity by utilizing vertical space, makes items easier to find and grab, and brings a warm wood element to your kitchen setup. That's a fall triple threat worth getting excited about.

Embracing the seasons with simple decorative changes to your favorite spots at home helps you romanticize fall and take advantage of this beautiful time of year. And the best part: when you're done, you get to grab a cup of tea, lean back against your cozy pillows, snuggle up, and admire your work.