How to Throw a Virtual Party

How to Throw a Virtual Party

Holiday Entertaining is Still Possible with These Virtual Ideas from mDesign

We never thought we would see the day when we weren’t able to gather with our families and loved ones to celebrate the holidays. But here we are! While sitting around the same table or playing games together after dinner in the living room may not be what it used to be, it doesn’t mean there aren’t alternatives that can be just as fun and keep us all connected.

After all, nobody should be alone around the holidays and we are lucky enough to have the technology to make sure that nobody is. FaceTime, Zoom, even just being on a group call with people you care about can make you feel less alone.

Here are some virtual ways you can spend the holidays with your family and friends without sacrificing some of your favorite holiday traditions. You may even create some new ones. Either way, this year will definitely be a season you will never forget.

For those of you who love to entertain, your heart may be hurting when you receive word from your usual holiday guests that they are not going to be attending any family or friend functions this year due to COVID-19. Have no fear! We got you covered on alternatives to entertaining.

Virtual Watch Party

  • If your family or friends typically watch a holiday movie together, this year doesn’t have to be any different! Netflix has an option called Netflix Party, where everyone can watch a movie together and there is a live chat option so you can make comments and laugh together during the movie.
  • You can also watch a movie together while on FaceTime or Zoom. Countdown together and start the movie at the same time. You can watch your loved ones’ reactions and commentate together, almost as if you’re all sitting there watching in the same room.
  • If you’re the watch party coordinator, you can pick the movie show time, find a clever snack or drink recipe that coordinates with the movie choice, and send your friends the recipe! Everyone can make it together before the movie starts and then enjoy together. Check out our Holiday Drinks Blog to make while you watch.
  • FUN TIP – turn your movie night into a drinking game (if that’s your jam) and take a sip every time a certain word or phrase is used or if a certain holiday object appears on the screen! Keep your wine cool with mDesign’s brushed wine cooler during your movie!
    Please drink responsibly.

Tabletop Single Bottle Wine Cooler and Chiller - Double Wall Stainless Steel

Virtual Game Night

  • There are several quiz/trivia apps that can be played in groups. Have a trivia night and pick a prize for the winner! You can send the winner a gift in the mail or send them an e-gift card instantly.
  • Board games of all sorts such as Monopoly can be played via apps as well that give everyone the chance to play together in real time.
  • Apps such as House Party also have a variety of games you can play while on a video call. I’ve tried this one out myself with my family at the beginning of quarantine and it really helped us feel connected and we still laugh about memories from it, months later!
  • Of course, there’s also the option of playing video games together! Try group games like Jackbox or other group video games where everyone can get involved! Store those games afterwards in a storage bin from mDesign!

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Virtual Contest

  • My family always does an ugly Holiday sweater contest each year. Contests of this sort are easy to do virtually! Everyone can still get their perfectly hideous outfit together on their own time and then it’s just a matter of coordinating a time to all hop on a video call together. Have a designated vote counter, have everyone submit their votes individually to you, count them up, and announce the winner! Send their prize to their home or directly to them virtually.
  • Set a timer, pick a recipe or a fun task, and have everyone complete the challenge in that amount of time. Choose a fun holiday drink recipe that everyone needs to complete in a small amount of time and then try it live. Or you can figure out an obstacle course for your group to set up. Everyone can set up their phone or computer, start the timer and see who finishes first!

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Virtual Gift Giving

  • If you usually participate in a Secret Santa at work or within your family/friend group or any other sort of gift exchange during the holidays, don’t count that out this year. There are random name selector websites you can use to have each person spin the wheel and get their person! Share addresses in an email or text chain and have your present sent to your lucky recipient!
  • Have a video call to open presents and everyone can guess who their gift giver was! You can even use mDesign’s lidded storage box to house your gift(s), and they can use the box after the holidays for any storage need in their home! Check out our unique handmade baskets to get inspired.
  • mDESIGN TIP – get an mDesign gift certificate and let your receiver decide what they want! It’s so easy and fun.

Use a Knitted Texture Home Storage Organizer as a Gift Box

See? There’s an endless amount of ideas to keep you and your loved ones connected and entertained this holiday season. It just takes a little creativity and a good internet connection!

Or bundle up and check out  outdoor blog series for a socially-distanced in-person event.

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Posted: Nov 16, 2020