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How to Create a Chic and Cozy Reading Nook

Written by: Katherine Flacco



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Forget screen time! Get ready to binge your favorite book with a warm, restful reading nook.

A true book lover can curl up with a good read anywhere. The words on the page take them to unexpected or familiar places. But we also understand that trying to carve out time for yourself may seem like an impossible task and a luxury we don’t always get to indulge in.

Whether you want to sit back and read that juicy novel or work through those stacks of magazines that are starting to pile up a little too high, a reading nook is just the invitation you need to take time for yourself--even if it’s just 10 minutes (it still counts!).

If designing a chic reading nook starts to stress you out, don’t fret, creating a designated reading spot is easier than you think. You may feel you need to hire a contractor to build a fancy window seat or built-in bookshelf, but you don’t even have to go through that much trouble if you don’t want to. What makes a reading nook great is it doesn’t require a lot of space. You know that bare corner in your bedroom or the blank wall under the stairs? Add a cozy armchair, a chic ottoman, and plenty of plush, cozy textiles and you have yourself a little reading retreat.

Styling your space with pieces that reflect your style helps keep that reading streak alive and inspires you to read a little each day. Get ready to tackle your book list with décor pieces that will easily transform any nook into a cozy and homey space ideal for reading. 

Set the Mood

Warm lighting helps set the tone and makes any reading area feel cozy and relaxing. Plus, whether you’re curling up an actual book or an e-book, proper lighting is always a must (and the fact that it's stylish is a win-win).

A Warm, Cozy Welcome

Drape comfy blankets over the back of your favorite chair for a look that’s not only on-trend but instantly brings a feeling of cozy contentment.

Pile on the Pillows

Serve up plenty of cozy by styling your reading corner with tons of throw pillows for instant style and comfort.

Cozy Up Your Space

A chic ottoman is just the encouragement you need to sit back and put your feet up with your favorite book.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

Floating shelves are the perfect landing spot for your favorite novels without taking up precious floor space. Plus, you can keep everything close at hand for when the reading bug strikes.

Natural Décor

Accent pieces bring any nook together and these planters will breathe life into your favorite reading spot.

Weave in Stylish Storage

Optimize your space in the chicest way possible by storing a few of your favorite books or extra throw blankets. mDesign Tip: These baskets are big enough to hold multiple books if your nook doesn’t have space for a bookshelf.

A Portable Reading Nook

A mobile book nook instantly turns any corner into your personal reading nook at any given moment.

Add a Pop of Texture

A blanket ladder pulls double duty by serving as a chic accent piece as well as stores plush, cozy blankets or linen throws for when the seasons change.

The Perfect Finishing Touch

Flank your reading nook with a small side table to perch your favorite book, a warm latte, or reading glasses. No nook is complete without a tried-and-true side table.

Now that you’ve created your ideal reading nook, it’s time to relax and unwind in your new alcove. Here are some books you’ll catch our editors reading as well as some young adult and beloved children’s books to help get the whole family reading. Need a little incentive to help get your little one into reading? Use your cozy blankets in new ways by working together to build a fun fortress and then cuddle up to read their favorite story!

Adult Novels:

Young Adult Novels:

Children’s Books