Homework Stations and Office Organization

Written by: Elizabeth DeAmicis, SEO Copywriter



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Increase productivity with functional style for any office or homework station

The back-to-school season is just around the corner. What better way to dive into a new academic year than to get organized? Whether kiddos are younger or older students are heading off to campus, having a clean, quiet space for homework, studying, and projects is essential. For those of us in the workforce – fear not – these storage and organization tips are just as helpful for a home office or jazzing up a cubicle.


The hub of any office or study space is your desk. An organized surface increases focus and productivity. Keeping clutter at bay and assigning everything a home is key. Start with any items that can be stored elsewhere so your desk stays clear.

Over door pocket organizers aide in containing chaos. Drop files, notebooks, binders and more in their own designated pocket.


A laptop riser not only puts monitors at eye level to help prevent neck or back strain, but they add storage to your desk. Use the nook underneath the riser to place important documents. Students can stash their textbooks and keep important notes within reach.


Extend storage past the desk with file holders and a side table. A c-side accent table tucks neatly beside any work area and even functions as a makeshift desk that can be moved to any room for a change in scenery.


There are more tips and tricks for desk organization coming up below, so stay tuned!


Believe it or not, lighting plays a huge role in getting any sort of work done. Large overhead lights can be overwhelming and contribute to sensitivity. Avoid the headache and opt for smaller, softer lamps that add a calm feel while working or studying.


Incorporate a set or two of twinkle lights for kids that create an enchanting homework nook. These string lights with photo clips are great for older kids and decorating dorm rooms. They get soothing lighting and can add a personal touch when hanging pictures of family and friends nearby while working. For test memorization or project presentations, students can use the light clips to illuminate flash cards or notes to quiz themselves.


Furniture is quite the broad category but when it comes to setting up any sort of workstation, there are several essential pieces to optimize and personalize your space while making it feel comfy.


Bookshelves hold stacks of textbooks and papers while keeping the extra clutter off your desk. Sort shelves by subject so that finding what you need is a breeze and complete the look with plants, flowers, or photographs.


Give kiddos a break from their desk and have them catch up on reading, studying, and work with a foldable moon chair. These cozy seats are great for a dorm room because they can collapse flat to be stored away so they don’t take up needed floor space.

Rolling carts are a great way to take homework, projects, or presentations and make them portable. Carts have multiple baskets to hold pens, pencils, phone or laptop chargers, tablets, file folders, textbooks, and other necessities.


A slim tower of drawers takes advantage of tight corners for added storage to tuck away all sorts of extras. Hold extra notebooks, packs of pens, paperclips, journals, flash cards, and more.

Sort the Small Things

It’s the little supplies that create the most organization when it comes to completing any work. From sticky notes, markers, crayons, scissors, binder clips, tape, and staples to paper, printer ink, notepads, and other work supplies, we here at mDesign have a variety of ways to tailor your workstation and make it uniquely yours.

Use an erasable wall mount calendar to keep track of assignments, activities, project deadlines, or meetings and a large clock to monitor the time (and your phone is put away to avoid distraction).

Organizer trays and adjustable dividers make the most of cabinet and desk drawers. Dividers can expand to split large or small drawers. Trays have compartments of varying sizes to keep supplies in their own spot.


Avoid tangled cords under a desk or table with a cable management box. This lidded box hides unsightly computer, phone, lamp, and other electronic cords.


Keep multi-level organizers and bins with pull drawers directly on the desk and fill them with the items you or the kids need most.


Optimize empty walls with floating shelves to hold important work documents or décor. Tuck all potential clutter into plastic bins or metal and woven baskets. Store them on shelves for easy access or inside cabinets and closets for discreet organization.

mDesign has plenty of ways to maximize space in a small dorm room, corporate cubicle or create a spot to keep little ones focused on their schoolwork. Before buckling down to work, get creative and have fun with customization. Tailoring your office or workspace and designing a fun spot kids will love to hang out to learn new things is bound to boost concentration and achieve success.