Handling Holiday Stress

Handling Holiday Stress

2020, Need I Say More?

While 2020 has been like no year before, I know one this for sure. The stress is real. We are all stressed out. Money, jobs, childcare, health, COVID-19, the list goes on and on. Add that to an already normally stressful holiday season and BAM we are asking for a disaster. Many of us are not even celebrating with families this year!

Experts have been telling us to take time for ourselves and get into the right headspace. I know lately, I have been on my last nerve with my kids and I do not want that to spill over to the holiday time. I still want this time to be magical for them but it’s going to be different to say the least.

Here are 5 ways to help manage and reduce stress this holiday season.

1 Budget

This is key and for many of us, needed. Holidays are not cheap, add on a national pandemic that possibly took your job, and there goes your money. So, this year things might look different for presents and that’s ok. It’s truly the thought that counts.

Realistically set a budget for yourself. Don’t overexert on gifts this year. Make a gift instead! Here are some holiday baskets to put together that don’t break the bank. Whatever you decide to do, don’t stress about it. Our family decided to put all our names together and then pick one person and set a $50 limit. Work with your family and friends. Everyone is going to understand this year.

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2 It’s OK to Say “No”

There’s a lot going on during this time of year and mostly we have been told to stay home. Don’t be afraid to say no. If your friends are really your friends, they’ll understand. It’s not possible to be everywhere all the time, and nobody expects you to be, especially during COVID.

3 Make Time for Yourself

If you have enough time off from work or school to consider it a ‘vacation’, make sure it is just that. Do one thing each day that is just for yourself, something that makes it feel like you’re on a break from the daily grind.

Make yourself a nice breakfast and eat it in bed, go to lunch with your loved ones, go to the spa. While the holidays aren’t technically about YOU, there’s no shame in taking advantage of your time off to relax between the madness.

4 Make a List

Checking off those boxes/crossing out a completed task feels GOOD. Make a list of everything you want and need to get done. Even minor tasks, that way you’re feeling accomplished and once you see how many things you’ve crossed off your list, you’ll start to feel motivated and organized.

Handle one individual task at a time, and before you know it you will have everything done. Without a list, you’ll be scrambling to remember what you meant to do yesterday or who you’re supposed to be getting a gift for, etc. causing unnecessary added stress.

This might go without saying but make a list for what presents you need to purchase, who they’re for and how much they cost. You won’t get home and have the, “how much did I just spend?!” realization or have to go back out three more times because you keep forgetting an item or two.

5 Prioritize

When making your list, doing your shopping, delegating time with loved ones: PRIORITIZE. Get tasks out of the way that you dread, first.

Putting up bigger, bulkier decorations or gift shopping/wrapping or grocery shopping, whatever your thing is. Do it when you get home from work or school the night before vacation day number one. On the second day, complete another task that isn’t exactly your favorite. In doing so, you’ll leave more time for yourself to do the things you enjoy, and you can relax once those daunting errands are completed and out of the way.

Make the most of the holiday season this year by not only enjoying all of the COVID-friendly festivities but also setting a little time apart for yourself and to make sure you’re not getting overwhelmed, burnt out, or just overall grumpy! This is a time of happiness and celebration, not stress and anxiety.

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Posted: Nov 23, 2020