Gift Wrapping Station

Gift Wrapping Station

4 Must-Have Gift-Wrapping Station Organizers

YAY! The holiday season is here. If your home is like my home, there is no room to create an elaborate gift-wrapping station like the ones that used to be at malls. Remember malls? When I was a kid, I remember having my mom drop me off at the mall to go shopping then going to the gift-wrapping station.

These ladies would wrap my gifts to perfection. It was almost like they had two sets of hands to help them. Now, as an adult, I typically save up my gifts for an all-nighter wrap sesh. I pick out two-three different papers and drag out my storage tub of bows, ribbons, gift bags, etc.

Once I get into the rhythm, I just don’t stop until it’s done! Inevitably, when I am finished, I realized I had so many cute bows, tags, or bags but it’s too late. Then, the day after Christmas, I go shopping for more half-priced goodies just to have them sit in a tub.

Have no fear, the thought of creating a gift-wrapping station in your home is easier and cheaper than you think! Check out these four must-have items to turn any room into a gift-wrapping mecca!

Gift-Wrapping Bin

This little guy has it all. With the two divided compartments you can store bigger items like cards, bows, or bigger ribbon. All the side pockets help keep little items organized like tape, tags, ribbons, bows, scissors, anything you need to keep at an arm’s length.

Soft Fabric Closet Gift Wrap Storage Box with Handles and Pockets

Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer

This is a life changer! With three hooks to hang securely to any flat surface, you can hang and move this guy anywhere! Holds up to four rolls of paper so you can change them out quickly. It’s double-sided so the storage is endless. There are six giant pockets, three mesh pockets, and 10 clear pockets. If you need an item for wrapping, this organizer has a place for it.

2 Sided Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer Holds Christmas Wrapping Paper and Gift Bows

Spinning/Hanging Organizer

Another must-have if you have no room. This is vertical and super compact and can fit anywhere. The design of this organizer lets you put several rolls of paper in the middle and with its clear plastic window, you can see exactly which ones are in there. Now, let’s talk about the pockets… you know every girl loves a good pocket. Two large mesh pockets, three smaller mesh pockets and eight clear pockets are perfect to store anything you need.

Soft Fabric Closet Gift Wrap Spinning and Hanging Storage Organizer

Ribbon Holder

So, this is where ‘you wish you had an extra set of hands,’ meets, ‘I have a second set of hands.’ This organizer box holds up to 5, yes, 5 different kinds of ribbons each with their own grommet and holder! Pull the ribbon through the metal grommet and voila! There is your extra set of hands. This keeps the ribbon tidy and ready to pull the exact length you need. There are two different sizes to meet the needs of any project!

Fabric Ribbon Storage Box and Dispenser for Christmas and Hanukkah Gift Wrapping

There ya have it! Storage and organization must-haves for creating a perfect gift-wrapping station. Happy wrapping!

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Posted: Nov 25, 2020