Germ-Free Dorms 101

Germ-Free Dorms 101

A step-by-step guide to sanitize your laundry and dorm room

In college, I called my mom daily. I suddenly was doing a lot on my own and did not realize how much my parents did for me until they weren’t there to do it anymore. This included cleaning. Germs and sanitizing EVERYTHING have been at the top of everyone’s mind recently. On top of that, you’ll be living the dorm life in a couple months with a roommate you may know very little about. I don’t even want to think about all the extra germs!

What is the best way to get rid of the pesky germs, you ask? Well, it’s the dreaded washing machine. Yeah, I cringed, too! In college laundry is miserable: Carrying your clothes down to the basement to hope a machine is open, or dragging them to the local laundry mat. We’ve created the Ultimate Laundry Guide to help with this dreaded task. (Click for a printable image).

The Ultimate Laundry Guide for College Students

What about everything else in your room that also needs sanitized? Your bedding, curtains, and even couches need some attention too. There’s no need to stress though, I know the secret weapon that will save you from dragging your bedding to the basement each week: Invest in a steamer. It’s a huge help in keeping your living area germ free.

Now that you have all our special secrets on how to wash your clothes, you’ll want to have some modern ways to get your laundry to the washing machine. Being able to transport your dirty clothes and all your equipment down to the laundry mat is just as important as knowing how to wash them.

2 Section Laundry Hamper Sorter with Removable Bags Large Plastic Laundry Storage Organizer Tote Caddy Basket with Handle

This laundry clothes hamper with removable mesh bags is the perfect dorm accessory. The slim profile hamper makes sorting and organizing easy. Once full, you can easily remove the bag to transport your soiled clothes.

Now, since you will only have one hand free from carrying your clothes, this tote allows you to store all your laundry supplies in one place that is organized and compact. This can easily store in your closet or under your bed.

Mesh Laundry Wash Bag for Delicates, Bra, Lingerie Retractable Single Line Clothesline Dryer

For those unmentionables that are delicate and need to be handled with care in the wash, our mesh laundry bags are the perfect solution! This pack comes in four colors for easy sorting and protects clothing during the wash so they don’t tear, rip or snag.

Steaming is so simple. Add some water to your steamer and allow it to heat up to at least 167 degrees Fahrenheit. Next, simply drape your sheets over a clothing line. Then it’s full steam ahead! Place the steamer head on your sheets and move in a straight line to ensure every area is sanitized. Steamers can be used to sanitize any fabric.

Comfortable and Stylish Bedding, Sheets and Pillows

But what happens when you remember you accidentally got some pizza sauce on your bedding from that late-night snack you had? No need to fret, just be sure to try to get the stain out before you begin steaming, otherwise the heat will set in the stain. Check out the Stain Removal Guide below: (Click for a printable image).

Stain Removal Guide Cheat Sheet for College Students

Good luck and Godspeed… when all else fails, you can always bring your laundry home to mom! I’m sure she would love spending the extra time with you. Or get yourself a monthly subscription box of new clothes!

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Posted: Jul 20, 2020