Entertain with Wine

Entertain with Wine

How to effortlessly host a wine party this summer

As summer rolls in, so does the entertaining, parties, and fun. We all have our reasons to crack open our favorite bottle of vino. Whether it be after a long stressful day with the kids, after a breakup, or just to let loose. Novice or sommelier, with these tips, your friends will think you graduated top of your class with a degree in oenophilia.
After all, wine is good for the heart and soul, right?


The weather is warming up and the kids are getting out of school, what better time to sit down, relax, and open a bottle of your favorite wine. Whether you’re planning on hosting your own wine tasting party or just ready to have the girlfriends over for a night of gossiping, we’re here to help you create the ultimate wine and entertainment guide for your home. Let’s face it, we can’t all have our own backyard vineyard, but even the most basic wine-related home events will make you look like an expert when it comes to entertainment.

BYO Wine Party:
You don’t have to be an expert to host your own wine party, especially if you don’t have to provide the wine. 

You can simply have guests bring their favorite wine or narrow it down to a price point or country of origin. If you’ve never hosted a wine-related party – this might be your best bet.

Wine and Cheese Tasting Party:
If you don’t want to go through the hassle of preparing a full course dinner for your guests, a wine and cheese tasting party can be a quick and easy option for entertaining. As you will soon learn, (see below) there are a variety of wines that pair best with all sorts of cheeses, and it can often be very overwhelming. Start by selecting your favorite wines, then pair your cheeses accordingly.

Blind Tastings:
A blind wine tasting party can be a fun event for more experienced connoisseurs. This event can be more involved and act as an easy ice-breaking activity if your guests are not all familiar with each other. There are a few different options for blind tastings but the most common is to hide the label and let your guests identify the country, price, and appearance. Don’t forget the spittoon because you will be drinking a lot!

Wine + Cheese Pairing

It may be a fact that cheese makes wine taste better. There have even been studies that show how people enjoy certain wines more after consuming cheeses. Cheese can be a great partner in crime for wine but picking the perfect pairing can be difficult and overwhelming. Try some of these wine and cheese pairings to add some extra flavor to your favorite bottle.

Pair stronger wines with equally strong cheeses. As a rule, wines with higher alcohol content (over 15%) typically pair well with more intensely flavored cheeses. Inversely, lighter flavored wines pair best with a more delicate cheese. If you prefer your wine with less intensity, try pairing a pinot grigio with feta or ricotta. If you enjoy a more intense wine like a bold red, try pairing it with an asiago or aged cheddar.

Pair sweeter wines with spicy cheeses. If a sweeter wine like a Moscato or Riesling is more your thing, try pairing it with a muenster or pepper jack. The sweetness of the wine helps to offset the spiciness of the cheese and creates that perfect pairing.

If your preference is Champagne or sparkling wine, buttery, softer cheese is the way to go. Due to the acidity and bubbles of the Champagne, pairing it with cream cheese or lower acidity cheese is your best bet. Next time you pick up that bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine, don’t forget to grab a brie, gouda, or even baby swiss to make your perfect pair.

Create your own mini wine storage center

If you love wine as much as us, you may have also dreamt of having your own beautiful wine cellar in your home. While this may not be as attainable for some, we’re here to help create even the smallest wine and entertaining organization stations in your home to make your guests envy your style. If you don’t have many wine bottles in your home stock, a few simple wine chillers will make you look like an expert. If you’re starting your own bottle collection, a stainless steel or bamboo wine rack can complement the features of your home while remaining organized. If you want to go even further with your wine parties and gatherings, try pairing these options with a slate serving tray – perfect for when you decide to host your own pairing party. 

natural slate cheese board serving tray

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Posted: May 24, 2019