Dress Up Your Home

Dress Up Your Home

Ways to use dressers in every room in the home!

On very few occasions can you take a piece of furniture that you purchase and use it in more than one room for multiple purposes. Typically, you are looking for something to fit a specific spot in your home, that matches your style and serves the purpose you’re looking to achieve.

A couch is a couch. A table is a table. A rug is a rug. Right? Well, what about dressers? They’re not only a fully functional piece of furniture, but they have so many uses in virtually any room in your house. Not convinced? Get ready to have your mind blown as I show you how our dressers work in just about every room of the house.


8 Shelf Fabric Storage Table Organizer Dresser

Of course, the most obvious option. mDesign has a dresser large enough to hold all of your necessities, such as undergarments, socks, t-shirts, shorts/pants, etc. If you’re looking for a smaller option for just a little more added storage than what your existing space may be providing, smaller options or tower units will suffice. These can also hold purses/clutches, wallets, belts, scarves, and other accessories.

Better yet, some of these dressers can be used as a nightstand for holding glasses, coasters, books, pens, magazines, etc. Or move it into the closet or other room of the house to serve a whole new purpose later!


Fabric Storage Table Organizer Dresser Cabinet

Another pretty obvious choice – but bear with me. If you’re lucky enough to have a nice, big walk-in closet large enough to house its own dresser, why not go all out? Long and wide, tall and thin – pick your flavor! Out of season shoes, purses, ties, scarves, jewelry, etc. can all be stored here along with whatever extra closet storage you’re in need of. Maybe some gift-wrapping supplies or a few photo albums? Let’s declutter those closet shelves a bit!

Living Room

End Table Night Stand Storage Organizer

I know – a dresser in the living room? Won’t everyone know you put a piece of bedroom furniture in the living room? Awkward. But the answer is no. The great thing about the different sizes and color options is that nobody is going to know whether it’s a dresser or a console table – they’re going to be busy figuring out where they can get their own.

Place a few candles, photos, plants, a lamp, etc. on top for a decorative flair. Inside you can store books, blankets, gaming device accessories (if you are a gamer), movies, extension cords and other miscellaneous items that often don’t have a home.

Entry Way

Wide Storage Table Organizer Unit Dresser Cabinet

A nice way to incorporate a dresser into an entryway/foyer area, is with – what else – a dresser, of course. Place inside the items you might need or reach for as you’re walking out the door: keys, lighters, flashlights, jackets, sweatshirts, umbrellas, slippers, etc. Nothing’s worse than taking off your shoes and having to run back through the house to grab the umbrella when a storm decides to strike as you’re heading out for the day.

Laundry Room

Narrow Vertical Dresser Storage Organizer

Narrow dressers are just the right fit for a laundry room. Standard laundry rooms lack much storage, so a tall, skinny dresser will do the trick for those extras that don’t seem to have a place, but are an important part of your clothes cleaning process. Stock full with detergent, lint rollers, dryer sheets, washer pods, irons, hand steamers, sowing kits, stain removers, bleach, etc. The long skinny drawers make fitting the dresser into your laundry room hassle-free and they’re deep enough to fit a large number of items.


Fabric Storage Table Organizer Unit Dresser Cabinet

Now, I know you’re going to think I’m crazy. But I promise this can be just the little storage unit you need in your bathing oasis. Our taller, skinnier/tower dressers are the way to go if you’re very space-conscious like me. Fit for cosmetics, cotton balls and other nail care items, q-tips, toilet paper, toiletries, extra soap, etc.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to bathroom storage, there are so many small things – imagine how much can fit into a dresser! Goodbye, clutter. Use the top for a few decorations or a couple of jars full of items you use daily.

Kids’ Room

Kids Childrens Room Dresser Cabinet Storage Organizer Unit Wide

Of course, a dresser works in kids’ rooms – they have clothes, too. Just tinier, cuter ones! This can be used as a nightstand, in-closet/out of the closet dresser, whatever works best for you and your mini me. We have all kinds of fabrics and designs, too, like polka dots to give off that youthful feel. Use these for clothes, toys, diapers, blankets, books, etc.


Kid Children Fabric Dresser Drawer Tower Storage Organizer Unit

Following suit, we all know how many items are required for caring for a baby. If you don’t have one of your own, you’ve probably been to a baby shower or two and it’s a LOT of stuff. Dressers are great for a nursery, as they can help store all of the many items: diapers, binkies, wipes, clothes, shoes, socks, toys, books, bottles, pumps, burp rags, etc. The colors/fabrics/design options make it easy to choose which one best fit your little one’s new room!


Wide Dresser Drawer Storage Unit

Mudrooms often become somewhat of the catch-all of the house. From built-in cabinets to shelving, these rooms are all about storage. A classy, finishing touch is a dresser. These provide additional storage for shoes, shoehorns, insoles, socks, etc. that you don’t want out and exposed.


Dressers + Storage Chests

More and more often, offices are becoming an important part of the home. With the advancements of technology and most businesses – like mDesign – being digitally native, working from home is more common, making a designated space for this a must-have. Beyond the desk that’s home to your computer and printer, you may be needing some additional room for your things like books, chargers (computer, phone), office supplies, documents, etc. Add a globe, a few of your favorite books and a candle on top to complete your office dresser.

Dining Room

Wide Dresser Drawer Storage Unit

Last, but certainly not least, the dining room. Dressers have the versatility to become almost any other kind of furniture if you need them to, so why not add one in here, too? No need to overcrowd your kitchen storage areas with dining items when you can have a space for them, all their own.

Plates, placemats/chargers, silverware, napkins, tablecloths, dinnerware, etc. all can be hidden away neatly and nicely into one of our dressers. A nice painting or family photo above/on top of the unit with a couple of seasonal decorations will give your guests a chance to admire your inner interior designer!

Whew! Mind = blown, am I right? To top it all off, if you’re looking to try a dresser out in one, two or all of the rooms listed above, you might want to take advantage of mDesign’s drawer organizers, to maximize space even more inside of each of these dressers.

From the bedroom to the laundry room to the office, there is a dresser designed to fit every need, style, and budget. And every room, as you can see, needs one!

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Posted: Nov 5, 2019