Declutter Your Kitchen - Part 2

Declutter Your Kitchen - Part 2

Declutter Your Kitchen - A 3-Part Series on Owning Your Culinary Oasis

7 essential tips to organize your fridge

In this three-part series, we are going to explore the art of decluttering your kitchen and keeping your cool this summer while your kiddos are home. The kitchen is the heart of the home and without organization to snacks, food and drinks your little ones are going to be coming to you every five minutes asking you to get them something. Empower your Rugrats to grab their own items by organizing and providing easy access to them. Follow along each week for new tips!

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If your fridge is anything like mine, you have tons of food and drinks stored in it, and you’re usually sifting through all of it to get the few things you need. An organized fridge looks appealing and can save you time and money. Plus, with your kids home they can help … maybe? With all hands on deck, cleaning will give your family the vested interest in keeping it that way. Who am I kidding? It will be you.

It’s all easier said than done, though. Within a week of my fridge re-organization, it’s back to its messy self and I find myself searching for that bottle of hot sauce I know is there but just can’t seem to find.

Follow these tips to help organize your fridge and never go back to finding that month-old box of leftover chicken wings:

Declutter Your Kitchen

1 Begin by cleaning 2 Keep a specific section for leftovers
At least twice a year clean out everything. You’ll be surprised with how much stuff is in your fridge that serves no real purpose. Before organizing comes cleaning – this will help you get rid of all the things that have been sitting there collecting dust and even mold. If you constantly forget about your leftovers, try transferring them to an airtight food bin. The clear design will remind you of the leftovers you have, and the seal on the bin will increase the life of your food.
3 Keep large and small products separate 4 Clear is key
One of the most frustrating things when opening the fridge is looking for that small container of yogurt that you know is there but somehow got lost in all the chaos. Keeping all those tiny products in a clear and neat area will eliminate the hassle and keep you going on with your day. A Lazy Susan can be the perfect tool for those random items like applesauce, pickles, and peppers that you can’t seem to find a place for. Clear bins with handles are the perfect solution for saving you time searching for lost food. The handles on the bins will allow you to easily pull them out for quick meal prep or when you’re ready to do that spring cleaning. A plastic egg holder is another great product to help keep track of what you have on hand, preventing you from running out last minute. If your fridge isn’t the roomiest, the flat top allows easy stacking for more compact storage. mDESIGN TIP - after emptying your eggs into the clear bin, store your condiments upside down in the empty carton to maximize shelf space.
5 Drink organizing racks 6 Label, label, label
Whether you have a few little athletes in the house or just a minor sparkling water addiction, these stackable bottle/can holders are the perfect storage tool. The ability to stack allows you to grab what you need when you need it while eliminating useless space. After you’ve gathered and sorted your items into bins, try labeling them with their specific purpose. Labeling will help you remain organized for weeks to come, even after that initial organization buzz wears off.
7 A few more tips
To eliminate any cross-contamination, keep raw meat on the bottom shelf or as low as possible. Vegetables stay fresh longer when kept in areas with a bit of humidity. Most refrigerators have a drawer with a vegetable label on it – this will allow optimal moisture and keep those veggies fresh for longer periods of time. When storing fruit in the fridge, don’t wash until you’re ready to eat it. Storing it after washing can leave leftover water which will increase mold and other bacteria growth Follow these tips and you'll have a beautiful fridge in no time!

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Posted: Jun 14, 2019