Creating Your Registry with mDesign

Creating Your Registry with mDesign

A guide on how to start the registry process

You just got engaged – you have seen tons of people doing it, have been counting down until you got the rock and now it’s here! Now what? Where do you start? How do you plan a wedding? On Pinterest it looks easy, and come on, I know you already have boards saved for the big day : ) After you figure out the major things like colors and where your shindig will be, so now it’s time to create a wedding registry.

Like many of my generation (millennials) and even into genZ, there is a new trend. Most of us are waiting a bit longer to tie the knot or are living with our significant other before we get married. In the past, registries were to help get the newly married couple off to a rock-solid start with items they needed to live together. So, the problem is traditional wedding registries aren’t going to fit the bill. Plus, you don’t need to go to a store and walk around with the scanner just hoping to get to the magical “100” number to get free stuff – who has time for that?

Soooo… what do you register for, for the couple that has everything? There are many places like Amazon, Blueprint, Crate and Barrel, BB&B, and Target where you can get inspiration from. But don’t worry if one or two places don’t fit the bill entirely.

You know, getting rid of all the duplicates that your significant other and you have – because, you know, you bought the superior can opener.

Seriously though, you will need to sit down and see what all you have and don’t have and decide which ones to keep, donate or where the holes are. If your significant other thinks the 8 rusted cooking sheets are OK – trust me, we have all been there – take a deep breath and let them know, politely that you’re going to get new, nicer cooking sheets.

Use this time to plan ahead. No, I’m not talking about buying that fancy China set, but think about what your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen could be.

This is the time to really get your Pinterest creativity going – look at inspiring places and research registry items you want. Don’t get just the KitchenAid mixer because everyone has one – HA, just kidding – get that mixer, girl!

Do you really need that banana slicer?

I really wanted to start off on the right foot after I was married. So, I knew I wanted to get organized as I was putting away all my new stuff. There are a couple of essential home solution products that you should register for that many people don’t.

Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Organizer Storage Tray Metal Wire Kitchen Pantry Food Storage Basket Bathroom Shower Curtain Rug Can Combo Set 9S Makeup Tray Holder Vanity Desk Organizer

  1. Drawer Organizers – These puppies are the best! You can mix and match different sizes to create a perfect fit…. mDESIGN TIP: you can use these in the bathroom, bedroom or linen closet too!
  2. Wire Baskets – These are perfect to help get your pantry, bathroom or closet in order!
  3. Dreaming of a new bathroom? Or just want to refresh it? There are lots of ways to affordably do that! Check out these shower sets that can easily transform a bathroom
  4. If you already love your bathroom stuff, it’s easy to add some new makeup organizers to jazz things up

The best part? You can add all these items to your wish list and share them with your family and friends! Simply click on the item you want to add and next to the “add to cart” button is a wish list button. Once you have all your items on the list, you can then email your wish list or include registry information on your wedding website. It’s that easy.

Relax. Have Fun. Enjoy this time. It’s over before you know it and most brides and grooms are super stressed during this time. It’s over before you know it.

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Posted: Sep 27, 2019