Creating a Learning Nook at Home

Creating a Learning Nook at Home

Make online learning enjoyable this fall!

If there's one thing to dread with the start of the new school year, it's the battle with your kids over nightly homework. However, this fall we may have a new kind of battle on our hands, online learning due to the pandemic. Getting kids to sit down and do their homework is one of the hardest parts of our job as parents. Now, we may have to get them to sit all day for online learning while simultaneously trying to work. We may face the same struggles with our high school and college students as well, only you have less control over their habits.

One sure way to get little ones or big kids alike excited about online learning is to create a comfortable and creative workspace dedicated especially for them. If you have multiple kids at home, try designating them each a space in different areas of the house. I have gathered up some of the most useful, practical, and fun items to help you make the most inspiring workstation around.

These must-have essentials work in abundant spaces as well as tight quarters. Your study nook will be inspirational and functional, but most importantly, it will be a destination your kids will love! Let’s check them out!

Let’s start by listing out essentials vs. things to avoid:

The Must Haves
  • Proper lighting
  • Easy access to needed materials
  • Cold bottle of water
  • A comfortable chair
  • An organized environment
The Things to Avoid
  • Access to televisions, toys, and video games
  • Texting and Social Media (silence your phone!)
  • Messy foods
  • Pets in the study area

For youngsters, avoid distracting hunts for colored pencils by putting together a Supply Caddy packed with the basics: pencils, erasers, crayons, markers, highlighters, glue, scissors, etc. It can be placed on the workstation desk or it can be stored in a nearby cabinet or shelf. The Divided Turntable can be used with, or instead, of the portable caddy. You can’t go wrong with either, so maybe you want both?

create a routine for learning time. Start by having them pick out a fun lamp for their desk, then, each day at the same time, ask your son or daughter to pull out the supply caddy and turn on the desk lamp. This simple routine every day will help manage your child’s expectations each day and will allow them to settle into the task at hand.

For your older ones, be sure to have pencils, pens, highlighters, sticky notes, and any other supplies they often use within easy reach. A turntable is great for these supplies. Also have their books, folders, and notebooks organized for each class. Try color-coding with bins, labels and washi tape.

Some of my favorite organization products for tight spaces would be perfect for any at-home learning space.

3 Pocket Over Door Fabric Hanging Desk Organizer Office Desk Organizer and Magazine File Holder Bin Expandable Home Office Drawer Organizer, 7 Sections

  • Use vertical hanging file systems and the 3-Pocket Hanging Organizer for an easy way to capitalize on space. These items are easy to use and can be hung just about anywhere. They add additional storage and maximize unused space. The 3-pocket file holder can be placed over a door or tacked to a wall so that the items most used are always in easy reach.
  • Plastic Desktop File Organizers are a great way to organize notebooks, files, and books by subject. Get them in a fun color to add a splash of pizzazz or color code your organization system.
  • Drawer Organizers, well, I think we all know the importance of drawer organizers. They are the obvious tool for keeping office supplies neat and orderly in desk drawers.

Large Farmhouse Metal Wire Wall Mount Storage Shelf with 6 Hooks Metal Wire Shelf Divider & Separator for Closet Storage Felt Entryway Hanging Storage Organizer Mail Holder

  • Exclusively for our high school and college students, Hanging Shelving with Hooks is “key” to not losing keys. Place one above the desk or near the door so they can be easily located.
  • Covered Storage Boxes are great to store personal planners, stress reliever toys, or chapter books, while still allowing you to view its contents. Place them on open shelving to create a cool design element. Use the open cubes in cubbies to store blankets, larger items, or things that you prefer to not be seen.
  • Make for easy storage for all your kids textbooks by using Shelf Dividers. These are also great for storing chapter books or notebooks.
  • And last, but not least, the Felt Hanging Organizer. It is a must for any cool study nook! It’s not only fun but it’s functional! It can hold letters, report cards, mail, magazines, sunglasses, and more, all in one spot. This fun piece will add some style to your storage and complement your room!

Although school may be different this fall for your kiddos,
making a workspace organized and comfortable will make online learning less of a drag. Now is the perfect time to design a space that is personalized for your child, making it perfect for their needs…and I know they will love it!

Shop the Look: Add even more storage and style to your study area with with the 4-Drawer Storage UnitCustomizable Wall Mount OrganizerWall Clock, and Small Trash Can.

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Posted: Aug 19, 2020