Create the perfect Wedding Gift Basket

Create the perfect Wedding Gift Basket

How to Create a Gift Basket Like Pro

If you are anything like me your weekends are probably filled to the brim with weddings, showers and celebrations of the all sorts. Most days, the new generation is having some nontraditional celebrations and going off the registry isn’t as easy as it used to be. But, the thought of giving a gift card or cash just isn’t your style. Refresh your creative juices and throw together a creative gift basket that is sure to please on any occasion!

There are a couple of basics when thinking of a gift basket:

First, you need a vessel to hold your gifts. There are lots of different options like a Wire Basket, Woven Basket or even a Tray. Get one big enough to hold all the different goodies you want to put in there. I would recommend one at least 12” x 9” x 8” but again, all depends on what you want to put inside.

Next, think of an occasion or room you want to shop for.

Other occasions to think about – Graduation, New House, New Job, Mother’s DayFather's Day, Birthdays, First Car, New Pet, Last Day of School, Holidays and so much more!

Now that you know the base you are putting it in and the theme/room you are doing – it’s now time to “FILL THAT BASKET!” How you ask? Let’s break down two baskets for an example:

Kitchen Themed Basket

This basket was designed to help the newlyweds entertain now that they are married. It includes items they would use every day when entertaining guest. You can change up what’s inside to match the couple’s kitchen and personalities.

  1. Dish Towels
  2. Slate Serving Tray
  3. Barware Set
  4. Serving Utensils
  5. Marble Wine Cooler
  6. Ice Bucket
  7. Soap Pump
  8. Cookbook & Tablet Stand

Bathroom Themed Basket

Give the gift of an affordable bathroom makeover in a basket! Get everything they need to transform their guest bathroom, master bathroom, or half bath.

  1. Bath Accent Rugs
  2. Shower Curtain
  3. Shower Curtain Liner
  4. Shower Caddy
  5. Canister Set
  6. Hot Styling Tool Holder
  7. Vanity Organizer Box
  8. Storage Bins

mDESIGN TIP - Think of buying supplies to go into the basket, dish soap, laundry detergent, the person’s favorite food/snack, lavender oils to keep next to their bed, or a bottle of wine/liquor.

Finally, you have all the products now it’s time to assemble. Start with the base and then filling in all the products you have. It’s a big puzzle but doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to put together. For mine, I just threw in some tissue paper and check out these free printable tags. No need to run out and buy a card that will probably be thrown away.!

These baskets will make you the envy of any shower this season!

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Posted: Sep 27, 2019