Cheap Summer Fun Ideas

Cheap Summer Fun Ideas

12 Summer ideas for you and your kids to beat the heat, without breaking the bank

Summertime is finally here. The kids are out of school, the weather is beautiful, and the possibilities are endless.

Although this time of year can be relaxing and therapeutic, keeping the kids entertained all summer long can be stressful. Between trips to the zoo, festivals, and birthday parties, the summer months can do some damage on your wallet, especially if you’re on a budget.

Check out these 12 tips for you and the kids to have some frugal family fun this summer:

Outdoor water balloon fun
There are endless possibilities when it comes to water balloons. Not only are they fun for the kids to play with, but they’re refreshing and easy on your wallet. One nontraditional activity is a water balloon piñata. All you need to do is hang a rope between two trees or poles, tie some string to the end of the water balloons, and let the kids have at it – just make sure there’s enough space so no one gets hurt.
Organize a neighborhood baseball game
We used to do this when I was a kid and I loved it. Summer is the perfect time to get some of the neighborhood families together and create your own weekly baseball league. Let the kids pick the teams or play adults vs. kids. Whatever way you decide to do it, everyone will have a great time and stay active for free!

Go see a free concert
Concerts are always a fun summertime activity but can often get expensive when you add on parking, drinks, and ticket prices. If you like seeing live music but don’t want to break the bank, free concerts are the perfect alternative. Most cities host regular free concerts on a weekly or monthly basis during the summer months. Check your city’s website or ask around to learn when the next concert is featured.
Backyard camping
If you have the urge to go camping but don’t feel like going through the hassle of packing up the car and planning a trip, pitch a tent in the backyard! Tell ghost stories, look for constellations, sit by the fire and just enjoy your time together.

Turn a large soda bottle into a sprinkler
Go outside and run through the sprinkler. Some of the simplest ideas will keep the kids entertained for hours. If you don’t own a traditional sprinkler you can make your own by attaching a hose to a 2-liter pop bottle and poking holes in it.
Go to the library
Cheap, educational, and cool. Check your local libraries for any events going on like craft days and story times. Most libraries feature art classes and other fun activities to keep the kids busy. Visit your local library’s website for a calendar of events coming up and plan out your next rainy day with some indoor fun.

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Free/cheap days at the movie theater
Most movie theater’s host a $5 or discount day once a week. Do some research before you plan your trip and you’re guaranteed to find a deal that’ll keep you and the kids entertained without breaking the bank.
If you live near any museums, chances are they have free days as well. Equipped with air conditioning, education, and endless opportunities to keep the kids entertained, a museum should be at the top of your list for cheap summer fun. Simply search for free museum days in your area and you’ll not only find a list of free or discounted price days, but you might even find some museums near you that you didn’t even know existed.

Local parks
Bring the kids and go for a hike in a nearby park. Pack a bag with plenty of water, snacks, and maybe even a map depending on the size of the park. If the park has a river flowing through it bring tubes, kayaks or any pool toys to keep the kids entertained. Most parks even have playgrounds and picnic tables – perfect for making a day out of your trip to the park.
Go see a parade
No matter where you live there are probably local parades going on at least a few times throughout the summer months. Most cities put on Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day parades all for free! Do some research in yours or nearby cities and mark your calendar for some free fun with the kids.

If you’re lucky enough to live near the ocean or even a lake, a summer beach day is a perfect way to beat the heat. All you need is your swimsuit, sunscreen, and some snacks or even pack a lunch if you want to make a day out of it.
Make a scavenger hunt for the kids
Make a list of items found in nature like bugs, birds, and leaves and let the kids go out and try to find them. With the help of their imagination, you can keep them busy for hours and all while staying active and outdoors.

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Posted: Jun 21, 2019