Celebrate National Relaxation Day

Celebrate National Relaxation Day

Benefits and Techniques of Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

National Relaxation Day is a day for us to stop the madness and focus on what is most important, our physical and mental well-being. Imagine, if you can, a day where you indulge your senses for one full day. What would that look like to you and how would you spend that day? For most people, this would be considered a major luxury but a luxury that can help you to become the best version of yourself. Why? Because it takes our focus off external things and helps us to become intrinsically aware. The more you know yourself the more you can show the world who you are exactly meant to be, thus, becoming the best version of yourself.

Below are the benefits and techniques I would like to share that help me to relax so that I can be the best version of myself:

The Benefits of Relaxation According to Mayo Clinic

When faced with numerous responsibilities and tasks or the demands of an illness, relaxation techniques may not be a priority in your life. But that means you might miss out on the health benefits of relaxation.

Practicing relaxation techniques can have many benefits, including:

Slowing heart rate
Lowering blood pressure
Slowing your breathing rate
Improving digestion
Maintaining normal blood sugar levels
Reducing activity of stress hormones
Increasing blood flow to major muscles
Reducing muscle tension and chronic pain
Improving concentration and mood
Improving sleep quality
Lowering fatigue
Reducing anger and frustration
Boosting confidence to handle problems

Techniques for Relaxation

1 Repetitive Prayer/Mindful Meditation 2 Write or journal
For the repetitive prayer technique, you silently repeat a short prayer or phrase from a prayer while practicing breath focus. This method may be especially appealing if religion or spirituality is meaningful to you. For mindful meditation, practice sitting comfortably, focusing on your breathing, and bringing your mind's attention to the present moment without drifting into concerns about the past or the future. This form of meditation has enjoyed increasing popularity in recent years. Research suggests it may be helpful for people with anxiety, depression, and pain.
I get it. There are many people who do not like to write! But journaling is less about writing and more about getting your feelings out. Writing, whether you like it or not, is very therapeutic. Writing aides in decluttering your mind and allows the writer the gift of expression. Many times, we feel we are not being heard when we speak. Writing ensures that at the very least, our feelings will be noted.
3 Get active 4 Enjoy nature
Take part in activities that give you pleasure, make you feel competent, or give you a chance to take a break from other, more stressful activities. Why? Because, exercise increases your overall health and your sense of well-being, which puts more pep in your step. It also has some direct stress-busting benefits like increasing endorphins and give you a sense of optimism. Whether it’s cold or sunny there is much to be enjoyed in nature! Talking a walk, jog, or bike ride on a park trail can do more for our mood than almost anything else. Besides, exercise releases endorphins. The higher our endorphin levels the fewer negative effects of stress we feel.

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5 Pet a furry friend 6 Turn off your phone
There is nothing that makes me happier than the unconditional love and attention from my dog or cat. I can count on them to love me and make me smile no matter what kind of mood I am in. 10 minutes with my furry friends can make the feeling last all day. Remembering how they made me feel brings back those warm fuzzy feeling again and again. When I go on vacation one of the first things that I do is turn off my phone! The understanding that the world will go on without me does a great deal for putting my life in perspective. I travel to El Salvador on a mission trip once a year, and although today there is cellular connection, I prefer to pretend there isn’t. If forces me to be present with the people and reminds me that the world does not revolve around me.
7 Laugh out loud 8 Take a hot bath
Laughter also releases endorphins and therefore recharges our spirit. This relaxation is reflected in your hormones. If something makes you laugh, levels of the stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine drop, and the feel-good chemical dopamine increases, reducing stress levels. Laughter also has a positive effect on immunity. So, try to spend some time with a good friend or companion who you know will make you laugh, or maybe watch an old comedy on television. You will not regret the time spent. A bath is more than a bath, it’s an opportunity for us to shut our minds “off” from the chaos of the world around us. There is nothing better than warm water and bubbles to help us relax. To increase the relaxation effects, I recommend reading a good book, having a glass of wine, or leafing through a fashion catalog. These are all activities that do not require us to be “on,” therefore, allow our body and mind to settle down. It doesn’t matter what time of day we take a bath, what matters is that we do it.
9 Get a massage 10 Just be
I must admit, this is one of my favorite things to do! Indulging in an hour massages not only relaxes the muscles, but it helps your mind escape the craziness for a while. I confess that many times while getting a massage my mind is still thinking about work or the kids, but even so, I tell myself, ‘relax, this is your time.’ Might be hard to do but worth every penny spent. How do you just be? One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned over the years is to appreciate my existence. Sometimes I sit and look at clouds, or I lay down to take a nap, or I sit and read a book. Whatever I feel like doing in the moment, I just do! It’s a great feeling NOT to be in control of other people of situations for a while. Just try it, you’ll love it!

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Posted: Aug 15, 2019