Best Teacher Gift Ideas

Best Teacher Gift Ideas

Start the school year off right with these great ideas for DIY teacher gifts!

AH, starting back to school for the kiddos. Finally, after what seemed like 5,000 years of summer break, you get to get back into somewhat of a normal routine and not worry about “what am I gonna do with the kids today?” It’s exciting for kids, parents and teachers alike!

With all the fresh school supplies bought for your child many forgot to send a bribe, errr, I mean, “Thank You” gift for the teachers to start the introduction and thank them for all the work they do. Plus, who doesn’t love gifts? I know what you are thinking, another gift for the teacher? But let’s face it – these people work HARD all year-long teaching our kids to be the best version of themselves and prepping them for life. Most teachers purchase their own school supplies for their class with their own money!

These gifts don’t have to be expensive. You can DIY teachers gifts easily and affordably with a few bins and much-needed school supplies! Or should we say, teacher survival kit?


Craft Centers

Deep Plastic Lazy Susan Turntable for Home Office Storage Utilizing our Spinning Lazy Susan, create a destination on the teacher’s desk for craft supplies. No need to be super crafty, just put crayons, scissors, paint, paint brushes or whatever else your child’s classroom. The possibilities are endless. You could put tissues in there or even fill it with Candy. Lord knows, every teacher loves candy or chocolate.

Small Supply Holders

Square Plastic Bathroom Vanity Storage Canister Jar Think of all the little miscellaneous items teachers use every day: paperclips, erasers, stickers, push-pins and they all need a home. Instead of shoving them in a drawer to get lost, get your teacher a small canister jar filled with these and a simple “Thank You” note attached. Teachers can then showcase them and decorate their desks at the same time.

Food for Thought

Kitchen Pantry Food Storage Organizer Bin, Plastic Food is always the best gift. The next two schoolteacher gifts focus on everyone’s love language. Grab yourself a bin and fill it with different kinds of food. Everyone loves the movies – so why not do a movie inspired bin and fill it with popcorn, seasoning salts, and popcorn containers? If you are feeling wild – throw in a gift card for some movie tickets too.

An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away. Or at least, this basket filled with apples will keep little Johnny in good spirits with the teacher. Fresh fruit is a great inexpensive and healthy gift. Head to your local grocery store or favorite farmers market and pick out the best seasonal fruit available, throw it in a wire basket, add a cute, punny gift tag “If teachers were apples, I’d pick you!” and call it a day. No need to get super fancy, it’s the thought that counts.

Spa Time

Plastic Bathroom Vanity Storage Organizer Cube Bin My love language is touch. I love anything to do with the spa. Teachers are constantly washing their hands and touching things all day, create a mini spa oasis with our clear bins and soap pumps. Add in some good smelling soap, lotion, essential oils, hand sanitizer, nail file or nail polish and you got the perfect teacher gift.

So now go print these cute gift tags and start making a gift for the teachers in your life! If you are not too crafty, or are like me and don’t have the time, you can always get your teacher a gift card to a coffee shop or their favorite store. Whatever you do, know that schoolteacher gifts are just a nice way to start the year off on a good foot.

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Posted: Aug 28, 2019