9 Healthy Tips To Avoid Those Extra 15

9 Healthy Tips To Avoid Those Extra 15

Avoid the quarantine/freshman 15 with these easy steps!

If you are anything like me, during this quarantine you are constantly wandering into the kitchen to see what kind of yummy snacks you can find. I know I am not alone in gaining the “quarantine 15.” You are also probably wondering what the future may hold. For many, fall will start their first year of college, and with that often comes the infamous “freshman 15.” Adding the freshman 15 on top of the quarantine 15? No thanks!

I remember not too long ago when I was leaving for college, everyone was telling me not to forget to exercise. Well, let me tell you, I wish I would’ve listened to them! Those extra pounds sneak up on you faster than you’d think. And no it’s not because you are doing laundry wrong that your clothes don’t fit. With every late-night snack, dining hall run, and sugary drink in mind, I found some simple and easy ways to lessen the effects of the freshman 15.

The best trick I learned was to keep all my food and snacks organized and in easy to access places. This helped me stop the bored, unhealthy eating I was doing.

The good news is, you can start these tips early and help avoid the freshman (or quarantine) 15! And by the time fall semester ends, those extra pounds won’t be a worry!

9 Easy Tips to Avoid Those Extra 15:

3 Section Plastic Kitchen Food Storage Bin with Handle 1 Eating while working from home? Eating on the go? These easy storage solutions have separate compartments to keep all your snacks readily available. Plus, the handle makes it easy to pick up and take with you to other dorms.
Plastic Water Bottle Holder Storage Organizer Rack 2 Water, water everywhere! Drink water all day long with these handy compact water bottle holders.

mDESIGN TIP: Add fruit to your water for extra flavor. Staying hydrated is always important, but it also helps keep you full instead of grabbing an unhealthy snack you thought you needed!
Airtight Kitchen Pantry Food Storage Bin Boxes 3 Keeping fresh fruit fresh is always tough while in quarantine and while living in a dorm, but with these airtight bins, not only will it last longer, you’ll have plenty of healthy snack options when you have friends come over to your home or room! (While socially distancing, of course).
3 Tier Free Standing Kitchen Pantry Storage Shelf 4 Are you always forgetting where you put everything? Do people say, “you would lose your head if it wasn’t attached?” Well, we have the solution for you! Use this shelving unit to put snacks, your workout accessories and clothes to make it a one-stop shop. Place by the door to create an easy drop zone and you’ll never need to wonder where you put your keys again!
Kitchen Pantry Food Storage Organizer 4 Bin Set & Labels 5 Create snack stations throughout your kitchen or dorm that are easy to access and organized. With these modern bins, you’ll want to keep these fully stocked!

mDESIGN TIP: These come with labels so it’s quick and simple to navigate!
Wide Stacking Kitchen Cabinet Pantry Storage Shelf 6 Dorm Tip! Add extra space on top of your mini fridge. Maximizing storage for dorm life is always challenging. Add space on top of your mini fridge, counter or put them in your closet to create extra shelves.
Portable Rolling Bar Cart Organizer 7 Running late? Don’t have a reason to leave the house? Or quarantine has you stuck inside? Create your own portable coffee station, and ditch those expensive iced lattes. We can all afford to save a little dime in these times!
3-Tier Metal and Fabric Storage Cart 8 Squeeze in those home workouts and keep your go-to workout gear neat and tidy. This is great for hair ties, fitness trackers, bandages or anything else organized and handy.
5 Pocket Over Door Fabric Hanging Closet Storage Organizer 9 Still need some extra storage space? Whether you’re trying to cram your stuff into half a dorm room or you’ve been online shopping a bit too much, this over the door organizer is a must have and can hold anything from clothes, to snacks, to your workout gear. It conveniently fits over your closet and dorm room doors. The possibilities are endless!

Whew! That was a lot to take in… but don’t worry, once you step it up, maintaining an organized house or room will become second nature and help you keep off that quarantine/freshman 15!

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Posted: Jul 15, 2020