3 Cookware Holding Tips

3 Cookware Holding Tips

Try these mDesign tips for keeping your cookware counter-safe

Whether you’re hosting or guest-ing this holiday season, one thing is a guarantee – there will be PLENTY of food to go around. Kitchens are in full swing leading up to parties and day-of festivities. No matter if you’re bringing a dish to a gathering or making a full buffet for your own party, you can be certain there will be no shortage of pots and pans in use, dirty in the sink, or waiting on deck to be grabbed for the next delicious treat!

One thing I find myself running into when I’m just cooking a meal for myself is running out of potholders and space to safely put hot pots and pans. I imagine when that is multiplied and the cooking is being done for 10+ people, the situation can get a bit crazier.

All of your burners may be in use or be still hot from use, you still need your oven mitts and potholders to grab things out of the oven, etc. but you still need somewhere to set down your hot cookware while you tend to the rest. When you’re in this kind of a pinch, there are luckily other options for keeping your food warm, protecting your counters, and looking good while doing it!

What, you may ask, is the perfect solution? SILICONE. That’s right, a silicone mat or two never hurt anyone! mDesign Silicone mats are both stylish and extremely useful. Here’s how:

Slim, sleek, and square.

Small - Silicone Kitchen Counter Protector Drying Mat

These gray silicone mats come in multiple other colors and are easy to store when you’re finished using them. These mats are thin, but provide the right amount of protection to your countertops.

Place your hot pot or pan atop the mat, worry-free, and continue your cooking. Or, if you have an assortment set out for your guests to serve themselves, line up multiples of these with all your hot serving plates/pans.

The silicone material and grooves allow for easy clean-up, too, if any drips are made from pan to plate! The flexible, thin material also makes storing this mat away no sweat. Just roll it up into a cylinder and tuck it away for future use.

Thick, durable, ridged.

Large Silicone Kitchen Counter Drying Mat Protector

mDesign’s thick silicone mats also come in a variety of color options. The thicker design is great for larger, hotter pots and pans and also has raised outer edges, stopping messes in their tracks and giving you extra peace of mind when rushing around the kitchen.

Still easy to clean, you can use these mats as not only a safe place to keep hot items but a great place to rest wet items after a thorough clean. Water won’t escape off the high edges, and your items will be dry in no time.

Unique, stylish, functional.

If you’re lacking counter/table space, have a variety of sizes of pots, pans, and serve ware, or simply like to be unique, trivets may be the route for you! They stack neatly and out of the way on their own metal rod, giving a modern look to your kitchen.

Unstack each trivet and place them exactly underneath any size or shape item to protect your counters and not take up any unnecessary extra space. Use a few or use them all! The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless!

Go beyond the norm of the average potholder and try something new that is multifunctional, protects your countertops, and keeps your pots and pans out of the way while you’re whipping up the rest of your famous recipes.

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Posted: Dec 17, 2019