10 College Life Hacks

10 College Life Hacks

Creative solutions to keep your room tidy

Back to school time isn’t far away, and before you know it students will be packing up and moving into dorm rooms and houses to start the fall semester. When I was going to college I wish I had an older sibling that helped with the in’s and out’s of college life in a dorm. Have no fear, I’m here to help!

When you’re on a tight budget and space is limited, it can be beneficial to re-purpose products and use them in creative ways. Save your money for that new top or going out. Plus, it cuts down on the thousands of things you need to purchase when moving into the dorms.

Here are a few simple, stylish solutions to help set up your college habitat:

1 Bedside Caddy

Bedside Caddy can be placed on a loft support beam near your desk. Easy access for your tablet, ruler and calculator.

2 Notebook Organizer

Magazine File Holder Bin can double as an organizer for notebooks. The compact bin fits on your desk and helps you avoid unnecessary piles.

Office Desk Organizer Magazine File Holder Bin

3 Cleaning Supplies Tote

The same tote that you use for crafts and cosmetics can be used for storing cleaning supplies. A large plastic Cleaning Supplies Storage Caddy Tote holds window cleaner, sponges and the built-in handle makes it easy to transport throughout a dorm room or house.

4 Laundry Canisters

Unless you have the luxury of living close to home, you’re going to have to do your own laundry in college. Bathroom Vanity Storage Canisters can be used to store laundry detergent, pods and clothespins.

5 Cosmetics Countertop Shelf

These 2-Tier Small Corner Shelves are so versatile and can be used throughout your dorm or apartment. The angular shape is perfect to take advantage of unused corner space on your bathroom countertop to store face creams and perfumes. The tiered design makes it compact, yet very roomy for all your makeup needs. You can also use these in your cabinets to create extra space.

2 Tier Corner Bathroom Vanity Counter Storage Shelf

6 Game Bin

A tall plastic Home Office Storage Bin can also be used to store games. This bin is perfect for storing video games or cards games and the handles make it easy to move to a friend’s dorm.

7 Snack Storage

Use an Over Door Fabric Hanging Storage Organizer to store your snacks and utensils. The pouches fit anything from pretzels to single-serve coffee pods.

8 Utensil Caddy

Tote Caddies are also great for storing cutlery so you can easily pass around silverware and napkins during a late-night study session.

Plastic Kitchen Cutlery Caddy Organizer Storage Bin

9 Headphone Hanger

Headphones are a must-have for college students. Whether you’re listening to a lecture or music it’s worth investing in a decent pair. While not in use, hang your headphones on an Over Door Hanging Storage Rack. The headphone band fits snuggly on the hook.

10 Planters

A wastebasket isn’t normally the most appealing item. They feed on used tissues and apple cores. But here’s a fresh idea to re-purpose the trash can! A plastic trash can easily turns into a home for your plant. Simply drill a hole for drainage, place the bin on a saucer and fill it up with soil. Now your plant will have a stylish place to hang out. For smaller plants, try a suction cup window shelf.

Large Household Suction Cup Window Shelf Holder

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Posted: Jul 12, 2019