Spruce up your Guest Bathroom

Spruce up your Guest Bathroom

Easy Guest Bathroom Updates for the Holidays

’Tis the season for houseguests! Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner and friends and families will crisscross the country to spend the holidays with the people they care about most. And, despite all the challenges of celebrating the holidays this year —there’s a rumored turkey shortage! — roughly 71% of Americans plan to gather with their loved ones.

While you’re tidying up the spare room and getting the pull-out couch ready, why not freshen up your guest bathroom? Guest bathrooms are easy to update; simple changes can make a big difference without busting your budget. Your guests will feel as pampered as if they’d stayed in a 5-star hotel and your reputation as a consummate host will remain intact.

Shower Curtains

A shower curtain can transform a bathroom. As the focal point of most bathrooms, shower curtains set the tone for the room’s overall décor. A pop of color or a bit of texture can turn a utilitarian restroom into a warm and welcoming oasis. Here’s some mDesign inspo to help you choose your bathroom’s new look.


Start your guests’ day off with an uplifting, inspirational message. Like all mDesign shower curtains, the "Be Awesome Today" Shower Curtain is made from tightly woven, premium quality yarns and designed to withstand damp, moisture-rich environments, like bathrooms. The whimsical font and boho borders will keep this positive affirmation on guests’ minds long after they’ve finished showering.

Tropical Getaway

Let mDesign’s Leaves Print Shower Curtain turn your guest bathroom into an island paradise. Complement the lush blue and green leaves print with natural elements like mDesign’s Bamboo Trash Bin and Natural Bamboo Spa Mat. Add plants that thrive in humid spaces, like philodendrons, ferns, and spider plants for verdant opulence.

Spa Minimalism

The understated elegance of mDesign’s Striped Embroidered Cotton Shower Curtain invites a sense of calm and serenity that will make your guest bathroom feel like a peaceful sanctuary during the holiday hustle and bustle. Fill an apothecary jar (we like mDesign’s Large Glass Vanity Storage Jars ) with lavender or eucalyptus bath salts for an aromatherapeutic touch. A small metal round trash in bronze pulls it all together.


Towels are another great way to give your guest bathroom a fresh look without having to do a full makeover. Towels come in so many vivid colors and vibrant patterns that a purposefully placed and artfully arranged display can have the same impact as painting a wall or hanging art.

Wall Hanging Storage

When your guests see intricately patterned washcloths and hand towels vertically stored in mDesign’s 6-Tier Wall Shelf Towel Storage, they’ll see a waterfall of color. Arrange towels in the same color family from dark to light for an ombre effect.

Standing Storage

mDesign’s Stainless Steel 2-Tier Towel Rack has such a small footprint, it can be used in any bathroom without sacrificing storage space. The standing rack is perfect for holding thick, plush towels and guests will appreciate not having to ask where the towels are kept. Luxury towel tip: skip fabric softeners – they make your towels less absorbent and feel cheap and scratchy. Instead, when washing towels, add a cup of vinegar to remove oils, odors, and residue.

Towel Ladder

Towel ladders are a great way to add instant style — and instant storage. The clean lines of mDesign’s Free Standing Bathroom Towel Ladder give your guest bath a polished look. The ladder’s bars help towels dry more quickly than towels hung on hooks —which is a good thing, since the slower towels dry, the greater the chance of mold and bacteria forming.

Bath Accessories

Nothing makes guests feel more at home than having a place to put their things. These multi-tiered carts add much needed storage to guest bathrooms, which might not have as much counter space as a master bath.

Small Space Storage

mDesign’s 3-Tier Flat Wire Basket has a slim design that lets you slip lots of storage in corners or next to sinks so you can keep the rest of your guest bathroom clutter-free. As a thoughtful gesture, you can stock one of the baskets with travel sizes of frequently forgotten toiletries like toothpaste, deodorant, and lotion.

Open Front Baskets

This Free-standing Bathroom Storage Shelf open-front baskets make it easy to see what you’ve stored and access it quickly. The storage unit’s simple farmhouse design adds a tranquil element to your guest bathroom décor. Its generous baskets are also ideal for organizing hair styling tools and makeup – which is one way to help your guests look their best in all the holiday photos.

Rolling Storage

This Household Storage Cart sits on 4 durable caster wheels that make it easy to move from room to room. Its wheels lock in place when you need more stationary storage and its utilitarian style blends well with any décor. Once the holidays and your hosting duties are over, move this cart wherever you need extra storage.

Toilet Paper

For that cousin who can’t eat dairy but polishes off half a pan of mac-n-cheese; for that uncle who eats his weight in wings while watching bowl games; for the toddler who covers herself in lipstick from head to toe when no one’s looking—you’re gonna need toilet paper! And lots of it. Discreet TP storage is a guest bathroom godsend.

Wall Mounted Storage

mDesign’s Wall Mount Toilet Paper Basket keeps your extra rolls in plain view so your guests can find them easily. The minimalist metal wire design adds a modern feel to your décor.

Hidden Storage

Hide your toilet paper in plain sight with this Plastic Toilet Paper Roll Canister. It holds 3 rolls of extra toilet paper and the removeable lid ensures that toilet paper stays off bathroom floors and remains clean, dry, and ready to use.


This Storage Systemstores and dispenses toilet paper. Its delicate scrollwork design and durable finish in a variety of colors make it a must for any fashion-forward bathroom.

Hope these easy upgrades inspire you to turn your guest bathroom into one of the most inviting, restorative rooms in your home.

Lisa Langford is a Senior Copywriter at mDesign

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Posted: Oct 19, 2021