Smart Bathroom Organization

Smart Bathroom Organization

Kick-start Your Mornings with Smart Bathroom Organization
If your mornings are full of mayhem (and you’re not alone!), it’s time to infuse a little inspiration
into your daily preparation. The key to a calm start to the day is creating a plan and staying positive. And we’re positive you’ll love these clever bathroom organizational tips to
kick-start your morning routine.

Vanity + Countertop Storage

Clear the Counter
Nothing makes morning stress worse than a cluttered vanity or countertop. The simple act of keeping your counters clean and organized can bring peace of mind to your morning routine and eliminate stress. Utilize a vanity tray for your most frequently used items like jewelry, makeup, and lotions. mDESIGN TIP: Try using or re-purposing a soap dish for smaller jewelry items, they are just the right size for bathroom countertops — you will never have to worry about misplacing your rings again!

Decorative Spinning Makeup Vanity Storage

Invest in a Cosmetic Organizer
We know it takes a lot to get ready in the morning,
that’s why we recommend a makeup organizer to keep essentials contained and easy to find. Store hair and makeup brushes, eyeliner pencils, and your go-to cosmetics for convenient access. A handy makeup organizer easily tucks inside cabinets or under sinks to keep countertops clear. Take an inventory of the products you use daily and find an organizer with compartments to suit your needs. If it spins, that's even better!

Over Cabinet Hair Care Hot Styling Tool Rack Holder

Get Creative with Bigger Items
When you’re planning out a place for everything you use, don’t forget about bigger items like hair dryers and straighteners. Like most of us, your bathroom storage space might be getting tight. This means you could benefit from a clever product like an over the cabinet hair tool organizer. Hang this organizer directly over a cabinet door to conceal hair dryers and irons without sacrificing easy access. The metal construction means you can return the tools right after you use them, while they are still warm.

Having an organizational plan for your bathroom and sticking to it is a guaranteed way to eliminate stress and streamline your morning routine. With these smart strategies to kick-start your morning, you will be sure to start your day off right!

How do you stay organized? We’d love to hear your story!
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Posted: Feb 7, 2019