Small Kitchen Organizational Hacks

Small Kitchen Organizational Hacks

How to organize and declutter your small kitchen spaces

More space – everybody wants it. All the HGTV shows have this on their “must-have lists” but few people have it - unless you want to spend $100,000 more on a house. While more space isn’t an option for most of us, using the space we already have to the best of our ability is. The kitchen is one of those places that you just seem to always need more space. Organizing a small kitchen is no laughing matter. I know in my house, I have rearranged my kitchen at least four times during this pandemic alone, and I still don’t think I have it down!

First things first: you need to take stock of all the things in your kitchen. This is a daunting task but a necessary one. That means taking everything out of your cabinets, fridge, and pantry. I recommend doing one thing at a time – spices, junk drawer, snack drawer, dishes, etc.

Once you have everything out, it's time to get rid of anything you don’t use, expired, or don’t need. Now that you can see everything you are going to keep it’s time to organize!

Cabinet Storage Ideas

This is where things go to die in my house. If I can’t see it then I end up buying it again at the store or it goes bad before I can use it. Story. Of. My. Life. The good news is this doesn’t have to be the case.

Use a cabinet shelf to create an extra tier in your cabinets. This is perfect for snacks, dishes/cups, baby bowls and sippy cups or even helps with bottle storage if you have little one.

Try a wall mount spice rack to create extra space and the perfect grab-and-go option for when you are cooking. You can add several of these inside cabinets not only for spices, but sponges under the sink, toothpicks, baking supplies – the possibilities are endless.

Using a 2-tiered Lazy Susan, add an extra shelf in your cabinet while providing you the option to get a 360-degree view of what is in there. I use mine for my baking supplies. Keeping sprinkles, spices, cupcakes liners, and other essentials all together and at the ready.

Under the sink can be a disaster but using a hanging organizer can unlock lots of space. The best part? It just simply hangs over your cabinet, so no hardware or drilling is required. Change your mind in a week? No problem – just move it to another part of your kitchen!

Extra Wide Stacking Kitchen Cabinet and Pantry Storage Shelf for Small Spaces Metal Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder and Spice Rack Storage Shelf for Small Kitchen and Pantry 2 Tier Plastic Kitchen Lazy Susan Turntable Storage for Small Pantry and Fridge Organization

Pantry Storage Ideas

Ahh, the elusive pantry. Most small kitchens have just a cabinet, so this real estate is the most prized. Organization is a must for this space. For a full pantry re-org check out our blog.

When it comes to utilizing every inch of space – having a home for everything will keep your pantry neat and organized. If you are not one of those people that take items out of the original box, then you need to start! I wasn’t at first, but now I swear by all the space you gain from it. Using a metalplastic, or wood bin will help calm the chaos in your pantry in no time.

mDesign has stacking ones and ones that are divided to maximize your space. Going this route with your organization creates a uniform look that will make you look forward to going through the dreaded pantry!

Add a hanging shelf to any pantry, fridge, or cabinet to snag unused space. I love these shelves because they are the perfect size to use for small jars, snacks or any other item that usually gets lost behind other large items.

Metal Wire Pantry Storage Basket with Bamboo Handles for Small Kitchen Spaces Portable Plastic Kitchen Food Storage Bin with Handle for Small Pantry and Fridge Spaces Stackable Bamboo Pantry Storage Bin for Small Kitchen Spaces

Fridge/Freezer Storage Ideas

Again, if you are not taking items out of their large boxes, this is a must. I have a side-by-side fridge/freezer combo and if I had a dollar every time I pulled something out of the freezer I forgot about then I would be $20 dollars richer HA! Honestly though, I am able to use clear bins in both my fridge and freezer to organize and maintain some resemblance of organization.

Using can holders in the fridge has helped create additional space and keep my produce drawer open for the produce I buy when I’m trying to be healthy and lose that quarantine-15.

Divided Plastic Kitchen Pantry Food Storage Bin for Fridge Freezer Small Spaces Clear Plastic Refrigerator and Freezer Storage Organizer Food Bins for Small Kitchens Large Metal Wire Pop and Soda Can Storage Dispenser Fridge Rack Perfect for Small Kitchens and Dorms

The headache of trying to organize and find space for all of your items in smaller kitchens and pantries can be a thing of the past! With a little finessing and planning, you can have an organized, easily accessible, beautiful kitchen – regardless of size! Happy organizing!

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Posted: Oct 5, 2020