Perfect Toy Storage

Perfect Toy Storage

Reduce Clutter in a Playroom, Nursery, Daycare or Classroom with Stylish Bins and Baskets

The end of the holiday season most-likely means that your little ones have a new bundle of toys to play with and enjoy. It also means that there’s the potential for more clutter and mess.

Don’t fret!

Whether it’s books, dolls, puzzles, building blocks, or video games, mDesign has an array of items that are perfect for keeping kids organized and the play areas of your home clutter free once playtime is over!

Fabric Boxes with Window

Perfect for plush toys, blankets, dolls, and games, these large fabric boxes provide ample storage and can be placed on a closet shelf or inside a cubby. Each bin has a large window and easy-grip handle that lets you or your kids find items quickly. Available in solid or dot patterns, these boxes bring whimsey and charm to any bedroom or playroom.

Hanging Closet Organizer

Optimize closet space with a multi-compartment hanging organizer. This soft hanger is flexible and has both large and small shelves and drawers to hold a mix of clothes, toys, games, bedding, and more. Complete with a strong hook and loop top that holds securely to any standard closet rod, this fabric shelf adds discreet storage and is collapsible when not in use.

Drawer Organizers

Make optimal use of dresser drawers with colorful fabric dividers. This storage organizer works wonderfully at home as well as in a classroom or daycare for smaller toys. With many individual compartments, kids can learn to put things back into their own space once playtime is over.

Plastic Front Dip Bins

Sort cubbies or bookshelves with these functional, transparent bins. These bins have an open dip front for an easy grip and let kids look inside to find their favorite toys. Use these bins for game controllers, books, building blocks, tablets other electronics, and more.

Wall Mounted Baskets

Keep toys off the floor with a stylish metal basket. This shelf easily mounts to the wall and holds everything from baby monitors, books, and plush toys to action figures, dolls, photographs, or décor. Use a single shelf or several together and take bedroom, playroom, or nursery storage vertical.

Metal Baskets

Store bath toys or classroom items in small metal baskets. Each basket has built-in handles so kids can move them on and off shelves when it’s time to play! Mix and match these small baskets with larger bins in order to hold toys of all shapes and sizes.

Fabric Dressers

Decorate your child’s room or baby nursery with a fabric dresser. These dressers have a sturdy metal frame and large fabric drawers that hold toys, clothes, blankets, and other accessories. Each bin has an easy-grip handle, and the top can be used as a table for a lamp, pictures, or small stack of books. Add a drawer organizer for extra compartments!

Lidded Bins

Tuck tiny toys away in these stackable clear bins. Each bin has an attached hinge lid that keeps small items free of dust and debris and allows kids to stack bins together. Hold building blocks, army men, doll accessories, crayons, markers, and paints. The transparent design lets your little ones find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Over Door Hanger

For more discreet storage, place this fabric hanger over the back of a bedroom or playroom door to hold toys, plush animals, dress up costumes, coloring books, and more. Boasting large outer pockets and smaller hidden inner pockets, this organizer can hold a variety of items and minimizes clutter. This hanger has two durable hooks to insert over any standard door for easy installation.

Toy and Game Labels

Take playtime storage to the next level with a pack of toy and game labels. These pre-printed peel-and-stick labels work with almost any bin or basket and help identify all your child’s favorite toys. With fun pictures and a whimsical black font, assigning each toy a designated spot is effortless! Label bins for puppets, blocks, books, numbers and letters, art supplies, stuffed animals, and more so that clean-up is a cinch.

Make storing toys just as fun as playtime itself. Get the whole family involved and place toys and activities in a designated area. mDesign offers an endless variety of storage for any room in the home that’s both functional and stylish!

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Posted: Jan 26, 2022