Outdoor Toy Storage Made Easy

Outdoor Toy Storage Made Easy

Avoid toys scattered throughout the yard with these storage solutions

Summertime means summer toys scattered all over the yard as your children move from one toy to the next. If you’ve read our Backyard Games Blog you might be overwhelmed with all the games and pieces and need more storage options. The best way to get your kids to clean up their toys is by keeping storage simple and within their reach. I’m going to let you in on some of my favorite options that will make your kids want to take care of their toys and put them away when they finish playing. Plus, these options are great for any area of your home!

This Sports Storage Rack is perfect for nearly all sports equipment and other outdoor toys. It has two large baskets for soccer balls, skateboards, water guns, and so many other kinds of toys. The front pockets are great for smaller items like baseballs, golf balls, or water bottles. Its modern style means it won’t look out of place in your house no matter where you place it. For bigger toys, try this Wall Mount Organizer to organize hockey sticks, golf clubs, and pool noodles!

Metal and Fabric Sport Equipment Storage Rack Metal Wall Mount Magazine Rack and Newspaper Stand

A great item to pair with the Sports Storage Rack is this Hanging Storage Organizer. Your kids can hang jump ropes and bike helmets from the hooks, and store Hot Wheels cars, bug toys, or sand toys in attachable bins. Be sure to hang it within reach of your little kiddos!

Shoe Racks are essential to every outdoor play organization area. It is not only great for muddy or wet shoes, but ice skates, baseball cleats, or hiking boots. This can also be used for a place to put all muddy or dirty shoes, not just for your children!

You can’t forget the Paper Towel Holder and Laundry Hamper for easy clean up after jumping in one too many mud puddles! The Paper Towel Holder also allows for additional storage which is a great place to keep sunscreens and bug sprays. Placing a Laundry Hamper near toy bins means the dirty outside play clothes will stop right there! This double section hamper makes it simple to have one side for clean play clothes and one side for dirty play clothes (or however you want to separate it of course)!

This Wall Mount Organizer is the perfect size to store sidewalk chalk and bubbles! The divided basket keeps items separate while the hooks make hanging coats and jackets simple.

Creating a specific area in your home for your kids to keep their outdoor playthings organized makes it much more fun for them to clean up after themselves. And that means less cleaning for you! Although I can’t promise your kids will clean up ALL their toys out of the yard, they will at least be nicely organized and displayed.

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Posted: Jul 9, 2020