Organizing Your Playroom in 4 Easy Steps

Organizing Your Playroom in 4 Easy Steps

Don’t stress over a cluttered playroom. Let mDesign help you organize!

Toys. Every holiday, birthday, or time they go visit grandma; it seems my kid comes back with more stuff. How can you say “no” to that little face looking up at you asking to open the new toy? Answer – you can’t. While I would love to go through and throw out over half of my littles’ things, I can’t because the day you do is the day the meltdown happens.

To help avoid chaos at your home, there are a few easy steps to organizing your playroom or family room with toys. Playroom organization doesn’t have to be pilling all of the toys in the corner; there can be order, and you can enjoy it for the 10 seconds it stays that way.

You might be thinking that you don’t have the space in your house and the good news is – you don’t need a lot of space to bring organization tips to help calm the chaos.

Step 1 – Designate an Area

My brother took his old formal dining room and turned it into the kid’s playroom. For me, at our house, it is half of our living room. Sound familiar? Most families don’t have the space for a formal playroom but that doesn’t mean you should live with toys everywhere. Think of a space that you don’t use in your house that you could turn into the kid’s area. One area I try to avoid is the bedroom. My daughter would play all night if I had several toys in there : )

Step 2 – Group like Items

This step seems daunting, but it isn’t. You can group learning toys, toys with wheels, crafts, blocks, etc. Or you can group by color if you like a more symmetrical room. If you have children of different ages, then you can separate the toys by age group. Think about how your child(ren) play and go from there.

For me, I group by like toys. It makes the most sense for how my daughter plays and learns. I am also going to make a baby section for our little one on the way.

Step 3 – What You’ll Need

Start with a good bookshelf. You can find these anywhere, even off a buy, sell, trade local community group. Don’t go out and spend a fortune on a new one because, let’s face it, your kids will destroy it over time. Plus, you can paint it a fun color – or if you are like me - gray.

Storage bins are going to be your best friend. You’ll want to get several because you can always use you more than you think. These come in many different styles, so you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect fit for your new playroom!

Kids Room/Nursery Fabric Cube Storage Bin Closet OrganizerFabric Cube Bins
These puppies are the best. They fit into any cube storage unit or bookshelf with no effort. Plus, you can throw anything in these bad boys and in 5 seconds, your house looks instantly better! The attached handle makes it easy for your little to pull down too!
Wide Front Dip Bin Cubby OrganizerFront Dip Bins
These bins are great for storing blocks, legos, princesses and other toys that are visually appealing. With the low, front dip opening, these make it easy for your child to reach in and grab what they need and keep the bin still in its home. This also makes it super easy for clean up time. Most children learn visually at first and being able to see exactly where it goes supports a healthy learning lifestyle.
Large Plastic Craft & Sewing Storage Caddy ToteTotes/Caddies
Do you feel like your child is the next Picasso? Well, inspire that inner creativity with these crafty totes! I love these little guys as they are portable and functional. There are 11 compartments to store everything you need for craft time. The best part? You can throw away all of your crayon/markers packages and just use the tote to store them. My little has a hard time opening those and they usually rip, which is really upsetting for me to see!
Round Fabric Kids Toy Basket Storage Bin Hamper SetRound Bins
You are going to have items that do not fit into cute little boxes and you’re going to need some larger bins to store 5,000 stuffed animals and larger toys. That’s where this set comes in. These braided rope handles add a stylish accent to any décor while hiding your crazy number of toys. You can also use this as a hamper in their room too.

Step 4 – Think Outside the Norm

One piece of advice I got from a professional organizer, go vertical. There is a lot of extra space that you can use. Now, while you little may not be able to reach all of it, you can still use this space. You can rotate toys, put seasonal toys up, or if you are brave enough add a little step stool so your kid can reach it. Add height by adding a 3-drawer dresser, not only can you use the 3 drawers, but putting stuff on the top too!

Kids Tall Dresser Cabinet Storage Organizer Unit - Fabric Drawers

Again, look through online groups for bookshelves, or even add some hooks to the wall. This is your kids’ space, use it to the best of THEIR ability! Now, go on with your bad self.

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Posted: Apr 16, 2020