Organizing Meds for Baby

Organizing Meds for Baby

What your little one can and can’t have and how to carefully store those meds!

An inevitable obstacle you’ll have to experience and overcome with a little one is when they get sick. Although sad and worrying, there are medications you can give to your baby to ease the pain and help nurse them back to health.

While we are lucky that medicine has advanced enough to create medications sensitive and safe for babies, there are also a lot that parents should stay away from. Here’s a list of medicines that you should veer away from when remedying your child and some substitutes you can use instead:

  1.  Aspirin - not recommended for children under the age of 18
  • It can cause serious brain and liver conditions that can be life-threatening
  • Try Tylenol instead
  •  Advil/Motrin - not recommended for children under six months
    • It risks the reduction of blood flow to the kidneys
    • Try Tylenol instead
  •  Cough Syrup - not recommended for children under six years
    • It can cause accidental overdose, misuse, and side effects
    • Try giving kids over the age of one year honey to soothe coughing and aid sleep
  •  Benadryl - not recommended for children under two years
    • It can cause dehydration due to drowsiness and over-sleeping
    • Drowsiness can mask other underlying issues such as infection or loss of consciousness
    • Try baking soda and Epsom salt to soothe rashes and irritated skin
  •  Gravol - not recommended for children under age two
    • Same side effects as Benadryl – drowsiness
    • Try ondansetron instead, which shuts off your child’s vomiting center in the brain, so their body has a chance to calm down. This does not cause sleepiness.
    • Try Pedialyte or watered-down juice to keep your child hydrated (over the age of six months)
  •  Nasal drops - not recommended for babies/young children
    • It can dry out nasal passages
    • Try a snot sucker or saline solution to help clear nasal passages
    • Try a cool-mist humidifier along with a saline solution
  •  Orajel - not recommended for any age
    • Your child could unintentionally swallow the product, which can ultimately cause seizures and disorders in which blood cannot carry oxygen through the body
    • Try teething rings or cold cloths instead
  •  Senokot - not recommended for babies or children
    • It can cause muscle cramping
    • Try Lactulose/MiraLAX/Lax-A-Day for children under six months to help with constipation

    Of course, every child is different and depending on their condition and symptoms, it is always wise to consult your doctor for further recommendations and diagnoses.

    Now that we’ve covered what is and isn’t safe for your little angel, you’ll want to also safely store these medications out of harm’s way.

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    In cabinet, out of cabinet, a lazy susan turntable is an awesome solution for maximizing your space. Fill the 2 tiers up with ointments and medications and just spin to bring your needed item to the front for you to grab when you need it.

    Always make sure medications for all purposes are always out of children’s reach. In drawers they cannot get to, up inside cabinets with doors, or at least safety locked away from wandering little ones.

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    Posted: Feb 27, 2020