New Year, New Resolutions!

New Year, New Resolutions!

As we happily wave goodbye to 2020, let’s make some positive changes in 2021

It’s been said a million times and I’ll say it again – 2020 gave us a run for our money. Worldwide pandemic, country-wide shutdowns, a Presidential election, you name it, 2020 had it. I don’t think a single one of us is sad to see it go.

One thing during all these lockdowns and quarantining that has proved never to fail, is self-care. This has always been important and in the back of our minds we always tell ourselves we deserve a little self-care every now and then. But now more than ever have we finally had the time to do it! Not only have we had the time, but we deserve it now more than ever. Relieving stress and taking care of ourselves has kept many of us sane and level-headed even when it felt like the world was crumbling beneath us.

This newfound standard of self-care is something I think we can all benefit from permanently including in our daily/weekly routines. It used to be so rare to spend a full night taking care of yourself, but with all this time we’ve been granted throughout quarantine, we’re realizing how to incorporate these routines into every day.

Make self-care a priority and a permanent part of your life going into 2021. If you’re looking for a New Year’s Resolution? This is it!

Self-care can include anything from going to get your favorite coffee and snack, to a face mask and a bath, to even treating yourself to some Botox now and then (we won’t tell!). We’ve seen skincare brands especially blow up over the last year, with this being a new focus many of us have keyed in on during our time at home.

Taking care of your skin is a part of our nightly routine that can be brushed over, done quickly, or even just done incorrectly. Knowing what your skin needs for your unique skin type is important, especially if you’re like me and enjoy wearing a full face of makeup on a regular basis. That nighttime routine between makeup applications is the most important part.

Whether you indulge in some luxury skincare or if you prefer to keep it more attainable and convenient by purchasing drugstore brands, there’s a product out there for everyone. The most important part is to educate yourself beforehand. Using the wrong products can really irritate your skin and cause reactions even worse than what you may have started with. YouTube is a very helpful resource into receiving first-hand experiences from other users, as well as reading reviews on the company website.

Practice Self Care with the mDesign Plastic Lazy Susan Turntable for Bath Vanity Storage Practice Self Care with the mDesign Plastic Bathroom Vanity Storage Caddy Practice Self Care with the mDesign Metal Over Door Hanging Bathroom Tub and Shower Stall Caddy Practice Self Care with the mDesign Mini Square Bathroom Vanity Trash Can Waste Bin with Swing Lid

Typically, a full skincare routine includes several steps and before you know if you’ve got a handful of bottles you’re struggling to keep straight and organized. Keep your items accessible with a lazy susan turntable which spins 360 degrees, making finding your items super easy! These turntables are also large enough to house your other self-care go-to’s, such as scrubs, lotions, shaving cream, perfume, and more.

Specifically, my favorite organizer for skincare products, is this organizer bin with a dust lid. This bin is tall, slim and stylish. You can organize your products in a really cute way, where they are both concealed and easy to access at the same time! The front lid opens easily for grabbing each item in your routine, and this bin looks good both in a cabinet or right on your vanity countertop.

For makeup remover wipes, lotion wipes, or other types of disposable facial cloths, I keep a mini vanity trash can nearby. It makes for cute, easy cleanup without filling up your regular trash can with all kinds of wipes!

Another easy, everyday way you can take care of yourself is in your shaving routine. This has been a huge trend on TIkTok over the last several months. Starting with a delicious smelling body wash, followed by a scrub with a scrub glove for exfoliating and smoothing your skin, then shaving your legs, finished by applying a myriad of soothing and great smelling lotions. With this, comes of course, the need for more organization for all of those products.

I personally have found it really helpful to use a bathroom tote caddy for this purpose. For the items I don’t want to leave lying around my shower itself, I can pull this caddy on and off the cabinet shelves when it’s time for my shaving routine! Then, for the in-shower items such as your loofah, scrub glove, razor, and shaving cream, our shower caddies have plenty of space for each and every item in your routine.

Make self-care your new priority and resolution for 2021.

We may not be in control of much it seems in the world we live in today, but we can always take the time to take care of ourselves. For our mental and physical health both. From skincare to shaving routines, make sure you are keeping yourself on the top of your list for the coming year and we will all get through it together!

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Posted: Dec 28, 2020