National Video Game Day

National Video Game Day

All your video game organization needs - in one place!

National Video Game Day is right around the corner on September 13th. We thought this is as good of a time as any to get that gaming center organized, quarantine style!

Throughout the last six months, the need for different forms of entertainment has been enhanced by a LOT. Whether it’s for yourself or your kids, nightly television and scrolling through your phone isn’t really cutting it anymore.

Without the routine of leaving the house in the morning and coming back home at the end of the day, there is a lot of time in between to fill. Especially on the weekends when going out or sending your kids off to their friends’ houses isn’t exactly a thing in the current world.

Right around mid-March, the world of video gaming blew up. Sales of games and consoles and controllers were through the roof! Why? Because enjoying a video game now and then really offers a unique form of entertainment that comes with multiple benefits.

Technology allows for your kids to play their favorite games virtually with their friends with just a simple Wi-Fi connection. Video gaming also allows for the players to sort of escape from reality for a while; something we can all relate to needing right now.

All that said, if you already had a gaming collection or if your family has grown one over the last several months due to severe boredom, mDesign has you covered when it comes to organizing this mess. Trust us, we are no stranger to the mess that controllers and game cases can create!

TV Stands

2 Drawer Storage TV Stand Unit with Fabric Drawers

TV stands are a classic way to organize your entertainment items. mDesign’s 2-Drawer TV Stand with Fabric Drawers offers a stylish solution. The modern design goes with any home décor while the fabric bins provide additional storage for your games, controls, and all your TV accessories.

The benefit of drawers? Concealed storage. Toss your items into the drawers when you’re finished and there’s automatically no mess! The shelf on top gives you more than enough space to place your console and DVD player.

Plastic Organizer Bins

Stackable Storage Organizer Bin for DVDs, Video Games

Are you an avid gamer? You may want to re-organize your video games in a different way, so you have access and visibility to your games at all times. Stackable bins create an efficient storage solution, where you can stack, store, and see everything when you need it. Handles on these bins allow you to grab them easily and the transparent sides are great for viewing all your game options before you pull the bins out.

Stackable Bins

Plastic Video Game Home Storage Organizer Bin

Now that you have your overflow video games organized, stacked, and ready for a gaming session, let’s get those extra controllers under control, too. These plastic bins from mDesign are sturdy and small – the perfect size for your controllers for any console. They look great stacked or lined up together side-by-side on shelving. The clear construction keeps finding your items easy.

If you don’t need bins as long as the stackable bins above, these smaller plastic bins are also a great option for just a handful of games and they fit upright, making it very easy to grab them when needed.

Concealed Storage Boxes

Metal Box Keeper with Hinged Lid for Hidden Storage

If your gaming setup is in your living area or in a room of the home where you’d prefer your accessories be less visible than the options listed above, mDesign’s storage boxes offer a concealed option! The hinged lid and array of colors add a modern touch to your space while keeping your items stored and hidden when not in use. This box is nicely sized to hold several controllers, a couple stacks of video games, or a little of each!

National Video Game Day

This upcoming National Video Game Day take the day to reorganize your video game collection, consoles, and controllers. You can even rearrange your game room, or your gaming set up in your living room or bedroom. When all is said and done, reward yourself with a good old fashioned gaming session! Or do a room reveal for your kids and transform their gaming center into something orderly and fun!

We all can use a little escape right now, a way to entertain the kids and take a breather, or simply just another form of entertainment to fill your family’s free time. This area doesn’t need to be another headache with these easy mDesign ideas! Happy National Video Game Day!

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Posted: Sep 10, 2020