National Toilet Paper Day!

National Toilet Paper Day!

Celebrate Your Toilet Paper with These Storage Tips

In honor of this notable national holiday, I am dedicating this entire blog to none other than…toilet paper. More specifically, toilet paper storage, because when it comes to organizing toilet paper, we at mDesign are literally “wiping up the rear!” So-to-speak.

To start, let’s review some fun TP facts that I’m sure nobody anywhere has been contemplating:

Toilet Paper TP Fun Facts

That being said, toilet paper is usually not the topic of our conversation for most of us, unless you are my husband, he will be happy to tell you, your neighbor, and your neighbor’s mother what brand to buy, who has the best price, and what is the best quality ply. But for those of you who are not my husband this might seem like a strange topic. The only time I personally talk about toilet paper is when I need it, then it’s more like a ‘I never knew what I had until it’s gone’ situation.

There is another alarming fact, did you know that about 70% of the world’s population does not use toilet paper? I don’t know about you, but I find this statistic very hard to digest. To be fair, they are probably not reading this blog either. The truth is, most of us in the free world use toilet paper (I hope), and therefore, we must store toilet paper. So, for the first time, I find myself in the unique position of trying to reach a minority population. For those of us who do use TP, I offer the following useful storage solutions.

Top 5 ways to store toilet paper:

Metal Wall Mount Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Dispenser

Bamboo Bathroom Storage Organizer Bin, Toilet Tank Tray

Getting the job done with our  wall mount toilet tissue roll dispenser -  works great in every space. Tank storage (this is how I roll – see what I did there?). The  bamboo basket adds beauty and functionality to any bathroom.

Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Holder Canister

Round Metal Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Holder & Dispenser

Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Dispenser & Storage Shelf

Simplicity at its finest, the  plastic free-standing canister stand discretely stores three extra rolls. If metals are your thing then the  decorative wire toilet tissue reserve and dispenser is the perfect fit. Where form meets function, our  roll reserve with a shelf offers useful storage for toilet tissue, a cell phone or book. 

These must-have items can be found on our  website along with many other great options that will fit your décor and space.

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Posted: Aug 26, 2019