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Make Summer Movie Night Perfect with These Storage Solutions

Written by: Kristen Anderson



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Create memorable, laid-back summer nights with these convenient storage options.

Movie nights are one of the best parts of the summer -- if you have kids, they can stay up a little later without the looming threat of early school mornings, the overall mood is a little vacation-y, even if you're at home, and watching your favorite flicks outdoors is finally a possibility.

But to really elevate the proceedings, storage solutions for all the extras that make summer movie nights pop are a must-have. From indoor, in-house movie nights to backyard and community outdoor screenings to the classic Americana of the drive-in experience, there's a storage option that will make it easier to get lost in the movie and create a memorable night with no muss and no fuss.


Turn movie night into an event and not just another Thursday by adding some festive elements that double as smart storage. A slate cheese tray transforms into a display piece when you use the included chalk to label your snacks using a little wordplay based on what you're watching. (Think "Under the Sea-soned Crackers and Cheese" while watching The Little Mermaid!) So much more fun and memorable than a regular plate; this is storage with a spin.

A drink bucket also makes movie night feel extra special and helps skip trips to the kitchen where, inevitably, someone lingers while checking their phone and missing out on the fun. The handles on this beverage tub make it easy to fill with ice in the kitchen, pop in sodas, water bottles, and juices, and carry it into the living room. And bonus -- between movie nights, it can transform into a perfect storage solution for rolled towels!


Whether you have a projector and screen for your backyard or your town provides movie nights, watching films under the stars is a summer treat you can't let pass you by. Make it even more magical by using blankets to either sit or lay down on or wrap yourself up in and bring indoor comfort outdoors. The basket weave of this 100% cotton blanket is cozy and provides just enough warmth without feeling heavy, and it's machine-washable, so those potential grass stains can lift right out.

And for a clever storage hack perfect for backyard viewing, try keeping a basket set with your outdoor blankets near the door so you can quickly grab them! The handles make it easy, and this set of 3 storage baskets lets more than one person pick one up on their way out. (Maybe use that storage space to throw in a little bug spray and a few citronella candles, too.)


The drive-in movie is a summer classic for a reason: there's a novelty factor, plus you get to watch an outdoor movie from the comfort of your car. You may think that the car itself provides enough storage space to make this enjoyable, but anyone who's dropped cheese fries all over their upholstery knows that there's room for improvement. So grab a cutlery storage caddy with handles and create an instant, easy storage solution for napkins and forks, knives, and spoons (disposable or not), bringing the convenience of the snack stand to you. You can pop it on top of the center console and have a central place for everyone to grab what they need without interrupting the action onscreen.

Interested in bringing your own food with you rather than spending extra money buying them there? Bring clear storage bins with lids and handles packed with goodies like chips, cookies, movie candy purchased at the grocery store, and more. Your first instinct may be to throw them all in a tote bag, but treats packed in these bins create a storage option that doesn't mean anyone has to go digging elbow-deep in an opaque bag to blindly feel around what they're looking for -- they can see it, grab it, and get back to the movie. Plus, you won't head home with a tote bag full of wrappers that you forget to throw away until the next adventure -- you'll be able to see any trash you've accrued (and brought home with no mess in the car, thanks to the lid) and simply tip the bin into the garbage.

So, what movies should you put on your summer bucket list? We've got staff picks divided into family movies and adult movies!

For kids:



The Sandlot

The Parent Trap

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation


Finding Nemo

For grown-ups:

Mamma Mia!



I Know What You Did Last Summer

Friday the 13th

Dazed and Confused

Point Break

Whatever flicks you pick, utilizing storage solutions will make your watching experience stress-free and celebratory: just the way the ideal summer should be.