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How to Fold Sweaters and Save Space

Written by: Kristen Anderson



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Learn how to fold and store sweaters for a clean and cozy fall.

The approach of fall is a favorite time of year for many people -- it's the season of warm drinks, fall foliage, and, of course, #sweaterweather.


But sweaters need a little more TLC than the t-shirts and tank tops of summer. They need a bit of extra attention when laundering, delicate yarns can lead to pilling, and if you don't want stretched-out shoulders, throwing them on hangers doesn't cut it. But with these quick tips on sweater care, you can through the colder seasons cozy and carefree.


They say good things are worth fighting for, and sweaters can be a bit like that. Depending on the material, sweaters often need a little extra TLC to ensure they last for many seasons to come. Make sure to always look at the care label inside your sweaters (sometimes sewn into the side instead of at the back collar) to see how to launder it to prevent shrinking or damage.

And once it's washed, almost every kind of sweater benefits from being laid out to dry rather than thrown in the dryer. This is another step that prevents the shrinking and wearing down of the fibers since heat is the most frequent culprit when it comes to sweater wear and tear.


Using a drying rack is an easy way to prolong the lifespan of your sweaters. Simply lay the main part of the sweater across the bars. It may take one to three days to dry, which you can speed up by laying your sweater on a towel, rolling it up, and gently squeezing it to remove excess water before placing it on your drying rack. Once it's dry, if it feels still or looks wrinkled, an optional step is to put it in the dryer on low for 5 minutes with a damp dryer sheet to steam out wrinkles without the damage of a full cycle.


A common sweater issue is pilling, small balls of fabric that roll up due to friction and look unsightly. Luckily, sweater shavers provide an easy fix to the problem. Electric shavers made for the purpose of sweater care exist, but even a regular disposable razor can do the trick. Simply place your sweater on a flat surface, gently pull the fabric tight, and shave away until your sweater looks as good as new.


Folding can be a little confounding for people. What's the best way to do it to keep your favorite sweaters nice and wrinkle-free without taking up tons of space? If you're used to folding them in half, putting the sleeves somewhere, anywhere, and calling it a day, this easy folding upgrade will keep your sweaters neat, tidy, and looking like they're straight from the department store.


1. Lay the sweater front down on a flat surface (the bed works great) and pull each arm horizontally across the back


2. Fold one side over so that the outer edge of the sweater is in the middle


3. Do the same with the other side so that both edges meet in the middle


4. Fold the bottom edge of the sweater up to meet the top (you may need to do two folds depending on the length of your sweater)


5. Flip it over, and voila! A perfectly folded sweater.

infographic with tutorial steps on how to fold a sweater


Once folded, now it's time to decide where to store your sweaters. If you'd like the sweaters to live in your closet alongside items on hangers, a hanging closet organizer with divided compartments to stash folded sweaters is a perfect solution. And think of the sorting options! You can sort your sweaters by color -- why not mimic the rainbow-order bookshelf trend? -- by weight, by most-worn, and more. Look at you, living your best life. (By the way, you and your sweaters will be just as happy if you just place them on the fabric shelves in no particular order. That's also living your best life.)


Stackable bins with pull-out drawers are another great closet option for sweaters that takes advantage of often unused vertical space. These bins are particularly great for keeping sweaters and other clothes and accessories dust-free and protected while offering visibility with the clear construction and easy access using sliding drawers. These bins make putting away and getting out your favorite comfy sweaters a snap.

And for homes with limited closet space, it's hard to beat under-bed storage. You'll be able to figure out which sweater lives where at a glance by using a fabric bin with a clear window. Utilizing unused space and keeping your sweater nice, clean, and protected is a huge perk to under-bed bins -- no monsters under there.

So enjoy your fall and winter wrapped in comfy emotional support sweaters that you take care of as much as it feels like they take care of you. Knowing your things in their place brings its own kind of mental coziness that even a pumpkin spice latte can't replace.