From Nesting to Nursing, How to Prepare for Baby

From Nesting to Nursing, How to Prepare for Baby

Keeping Clean Before and After Your New Baby

We’ve all heard of nesting, right? The process before you bring home baby when you get the urge to clean, purge, and organize everything in your home to get ready for a new life to enter your home. It’s a mother’s instinct to create the perfect home to welcome your new baby to!

Sure, it’s easy to get all of your onesies, socks, diapers, bottles, etc. organized and perfectly set up for baby. The calm before the storm if you will. What everyone doesn’t talk about, is how hard it can be to keep your home clean and organized even after bringing baby home.

While the thought of even having a little one in your care can be daunting if it’s your first time, the thought of handling the inevitable mess that comes with it can send you over the edge.

Instead of spiraling out of control trying to anticipate the clutter, let’s take it step-by-step to plan how to calm the chaos before and after your little bundle of joy comes home with you.

Try out Nesting Checklist for tips on how to organize and prep your entire home – and car – for a new baby arrival
Click on the checklist for a printable file.

A complete nesting checklist for expecting pregnant mothers

Now that you have every part of your home prepared for baby, you can start to plan for how to manage the mess once you’re in the thick of it! Organization is key. Beyond just color-coding or separating items, you’re going to continue to accumulate baby clothes and essentials throughout your little one’s infanthood. Without organization, items will get misplaced and forgotten about.

Here are some baby essentials we at mDesign feel you cannot function without!

2 Tier Lazy Susan Turntable for Baby,Kid Nursery Storage Stacking Plastic Baby, Kid Storage Bins for Nursery and Kitchen Organization

Lazy Susan Turntable for Nursery Storage – These turntables are phenomenal for storing infant necessities in the nursery, kitchen, or bathroom. Easily store baby wipes, lotion, food pouches, small toys/teethers, pacifiers, and more. The 360-degree design makes it easy to grab the item you need in a hurry/diaper explosion emergency!

Stacking Plastic Baby/Kid Storage Bin – Take a couple of these plastic stacking organizer bins and use in kitchen cabinets, under the sink/vanity, on nursery closet shelves, etc. The stacking design allows for double storage.

9 Section Baby, Kids Fabric Drawer Organizer for Socks, Shoes and Accessories 4 Compartment Hanging Diaper Caddy with Side Pockets

Fabric Drawer Organizers – Baby changing tables and dressers often come with several drawers, perfect for keeping clothing items and diapers. What some moms don’t know, is that you can turn one drawer into an organization masterpiece with drawer organizers. Fabric ones, such as these, are flexible and easy to install. These 9-section ones, for example, provide plenty of space for baby socks, bibs, hats, and shoes, freeing up so much more space for various other items throughout the rest of your dresser or changing table unit.

Felt Baby/Kids Storage Caddy – One important part of making your transition into parenthood easier, is having your items with you at all times. You have a diaper bag packed with all your go-to items for your little pride and joy, but what about when you’re at home?

These caddies are soft and comfortable to transport and are basically an at-home diaper bag! Fill with your most commonly used items, so when you’re finally relaxing on the couch while your child sleeps next to you, you don’t need to go far if you have to grab a pacifier or a baby wipe at a moment’s notice.

4-Compartment Hanging Diaper Caddy – Something you can never have too much of is diaper storage, am I right?! mDesign’s 4-compartment diaper caddy hangs conveniently over your crib or changing table, allowing superior access to bibs, blankies, diapers, wipes, pacifiers, creams, monitors, and more.

On top of upping your home/nursery organization game, you can follow the below tips for how to keep a functioning, clean household even in the midst of learning all about being a parent.

  1. Create a daily cleaning schedule.
  2. Vacuum before nap time. The white noise might just put your kid to sleep.
  3. Accept help when offered.
  4. Get into freezer cooking.
  5. Keep hands free for chores by wearing the kid in the house.

Before, during, or after, we are no stranger to the challenge that preparing and handling new parenthood/new babies can be. Take the stress out of the mess with these tips and storage solutions! And remember, you’re doing great!

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Posted: Oct 14, 2020