Free Your Fridge of Disorganization

Free Your Fridge of Disorganization

Refrigerator and pantry organization tips to start 2020 on a fresh note

A resolution many people make at the tick of the new year is to clean up their diet. Whether this means downloading an app, hiring a trainer, or just shopping smarter, one thing is for sure: you’re going to need somewhere to keep everything.

The trend of giving yourself a cleanse before you start a new diet has been a popular method, so why not give your fridge and pantry a cleanse, too, before filling it with nutritious food? It’s a fact that a clean, organized living area has positive effects on one’s mental health so it only makes sense to give your food storage space a refresher to match your own!.

I know after I finish a long, successful trip to the store and get home with all my new health-conscious goodies, the next task to tackle is unloading and unpacking all the items. This doesn’t have to be dreadful and daunting if you have the right organization tactics! In fact, it might even be – dare I say it – fun!!?

Two main food storage areas – pantry and refrigerator. Let’s see how we can improve our kitchen organization just in time for a diet overhaul, shall we?

First thing’s first: pantry.

Plastic Spice Rack Caddy Kitchen Food Storage Rack Round Plastic Kitchen Storage Canister Jar

Bamboo Tall Expandable Kitchen Spice Rack Organizer Plastic Kitchen Food Container / Lid Organizer Bin

Let’s go au naturale with some bamboo. Bamboo organizers add contrast to other materials and finishes in your home while still matching most any style or color of kitchen.

mDesign has a variety of bamboo organizers in different variations to fit your shelves and your food organization needs. Not to mention, bamboo is an eco-friendly, highly renewable, natural resource. We love an eco-conscious solution.

Spice up your pantry with a medium bamboo tote. If you’d like to tote – get it? – your spices from the pantry to your cooking area on a regular basis, why not choose an organizer with a handle? The two open compartments fit jars and containers of your favorite seasonings for easy grabbing when you’re in a pinch. Okay, enough puns…

Speaking of spices, another eye-catching way to store spices is with a spice rack – duh! mDesign’s bamboo spice rack with eight jars will match with the rest of your natural theme. It comes with the jars ready for you to fill up with your go-to flavorings, so you don’t have to give it another thought.

Teatime? Tea packets are a very specific size, meaning they need a very specific spot to store them. mDesign’s bamboo tea tote has plenty of space to fit your tea packets in an orderly fashion and can be pulled out and transported when a tea party strikes – or a cold, for that matter. If you’re not in need of a readily movable option, grab a multi-compartment organizer that holds the same size and number of items, just without the handle.

Not a tea person? These organizers can fit coffee, artificial sweetener, sugar, seasoning packets like salt and pepper or condiment squeeze-packets as well!.

Place the totes in your pantry next to each other and boom, tote party!

Food packets are one of those awkwardly shaped pantry items that don’t do well on their own. They are too thin to stand on their own and the contents aren’t evenly distributed, making it hard to stack them.

Solution? Packet organizer. Four deep, wide slots are designed to hold your food packets upright and visibly. Soup, oatmeal, dry food, etc. all fit in these organizers easily. You can also use these for your granola bars, protein bars, crackers, and other snack-sized items.

Once you’ve chosen your type of organizer and number needed, use them next to one another on your pantry shelves to create a fluid, coordinated bamboo look in your pantry.

If you’re going for a different feel, clear plastic organizers work just as well. Double wide open organizers have a low dip front, making accessing and viewing items easy. Use clear packet organizers for the items mentioned above to keep going with the clear and modern look.

For baking supplies, spices, peanut butter, hazelnut spreads, canned foods, and more, you can neatly display them on a 2-tier organizer. The two different levels make all items visible from a pantry shelf and give a dynamic look to your organization. Use on your countertop or in your refrigerator, too!

Meal prepping? I’ll admit I’ve hopped on this bandwagon. Portion control and having meals ready each day of the week eliminates over-eating and the temptation to eat out. With food prepping comes a slew of meal prep containers. These can quickly pile up and become a clutter fest. Let’s get it under control!

Clear the clutter with a lid organizer. The three compartments can be used to house more than just lids, the containers themselves can be stored here, too. Quickly grab and get cooking your meals for the week with your containers neatly organized and ready for use.

Pasta and dry snack foods/cereals can be stored in style in clear canisters. These canisters come in a variety of finishes to match your kitchen. Your food and pantry will stay fresh and ready for whatever 2020 throws at – or in – it!

With all your pantry items organized in fresh containers that coordinate and match, you’ll be even more motivated to get on that healthy food lifestyle.

Now moving to the fridge.

The mecca of perishables. Keeping items organized and preserved correctly is very important when it comes to the ‘ol icebox. Most refrigerators already come with drawers, sometimes labeled, for specific produce or meat items. Often the case is that those drawers don’t do a lot of good if you’re buying a lot of produce, which you likely will be, on your new health kick.

Produce bins should be your jump-off point. Grapes, strawberries, limes, peaches, clementines, you name it, you can store them in these bins. The clear design helps you see what items you’re craving at first glance and blends in with the rest of the interior of your fridge. Vented slots around the bin help extend the life of your fruits and veggies. Your produce will stay fresh until you need them, separated from one another, and safe from bruising.

mDesign has produce bins in four different sizes, depending on the produce you’re purchasing, the size of your fridge and your overall preference (SMLXL).

Mix and match? Why not! Sets of the multiple sizes in different variations are a smart choice so you can mix and match based on your fridge size and produce needs.

Now you, your pantry, and your fridge are going to be looking ON POINT in 2020. What will you tackle next?! Stay tuned…

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Posted: Dec 27, 2019