Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Another special time of year approaches during our “new normal”: Father’s Day. While many of us are still practicing social distancing and not gathering in large groups as we have in the past, this year is going to look a bit different. That doesn’t mean it can’t still be a memorable day to spend with your dad. Want to show dad your appreciation this year? Below are some ideas for handmade options and tips to help his sanctuary stay organized and clean!

Homemade Gifts

Metal Wire Storage Basket with Handles

  • Snack/Drink/Car Gift Basket - Putting together a basket of dad’s favorite goodies is something any dad would love. Grab a container and fill it with whatever that theme is. Let’s take an auto basket. Throw in some coupons for cleaning your dad’s car, some car cleaning products, air fresheners, gum, and bam! You’ve got the perfect gift. For snacks and drinks, just put in some of his favorite food and label it “For Dad Only”. Include his favorite candies, candy bars, or nuts along with some chips and dip and maybe even a mini bottle or two. He will have some great snacks to munch on while thinking of his generous children!
  • Handmade Card - While some of us are still not venturing into the stores, why not make dad a card that expresses the gratitude you have for him? There is more time now than ever to get a little crafty. Get out all your craft supplies and go to town. Craft a creative card for dad, maybe even one that pops up! Include some inside jokes, some sentimental thoughts, and of course a nice note at the end!

Kitchen Gifts

If your dad is a kitchen connoisseur or if he enjoys spending his Sundays as grillmaster, he probably has a variety of supplies scattered about the kitchen. Let’s get him some items to keep those tools in check when he’s ready to slap some steak on the coals!

Wall Mount Magnetic Knife Holder Rack Strip 9 Bottle Metal Wire Wine Rack Storage Holder

  • Expandable Kitchen Drawer Cutlery Tray - A great option for him is this kitchen drawer cutlery tray. Whether he’s storing grilling utensils or just average kitchen cutlery items, this plastic tray will keep all that clutter contained. Outside the kitchen, let him try it in his home office to keep pens, tape, and other supplies neat and tidy.
  • Wall Mount Magnetic Knife Holder - Help dad keep his cooking cutlery conveniently placed within arm’s reach with a magnetic knife holder. The modern design of this storage tool will help dad look like a top chef (even if he continually burns the burgers at the cookout). If your dad isn’t into cooking, try using this rack in the garage as a mount for screwdrivers, wrenches, and other tools.
  • Metal Wine Rack Storage Organizer - Help dad maximize kitchen space with a free-standing wine rack. The modern yet simple look of this design is great for any kitchen and will help dad grow his wine collection. If dad isn’t much of a wine aficionado, try this rack with water bottles, or even rolled up hand towels for easy bathroom storage. Check out our clear plastic storage containers for an even simpler look.

Closet Gift

  • Over Door Men's Tie and Belt Holder - Would it even be Father’s Day if we did include a tie and belt holder? Most dads have way too many belts, ties, and other clothing accessories lying about the house. This simple, over-the-door design is the perfect gift for dads who never had space for all of these little items.

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Posted: Jun 15, 2020