Creating a Less Crowded Home Office

Creating a Less Crowded Home Office

How to create an at-home office for couples!

With all of us suddenly working from home, many of us are now working with our partner or spouse in a very small space. Getting used to this new normal doesn’t have to be stressful and setting up the perfect home office for two isn’t too hard with help from mDesign.

The first step is to think about each individual’s working habits. Are you an organized person and your partner is a paper hoarder? Do you need natural light to keep you happy during the day? How much room do you each have? Did you bring things from the office with you or do you have your own supplies?

Second, designate a space. If you are lucky enough to have a large enough space at home to share, perfect. If not, you might be setting up on the kitchen table, basement or living room. It’s important to bring your new “office” some character and personalization to keep you motivated.

Okay – now that we got that all squared away, let’s take a look at our top five most productive office organization hacks.

Plastic Home Office Storage Desk Organizer Bin Office Bins

These bins are perfect for any home office and are so versatile. They have built-in handles so you can easily move them from spot to spot. They also stack on top of each other to create vertical space, and, trust us, you want to create as much vertical space as possible. The bins are a perfect size to fit all your supplies! Grab them while they last.
Office Desk Organizer Magazine File Holder Bin File Organizers

In this digital age, I still find myself needing to print important documents or receive documents that I need to file. Somehow, offices get cluttered with paper. With these file organizers, your office can remain clutter-free. Use these side-by-side to create stations at your desk. Label them with “Today” “This Week” or “Next Week” to organize by time. Or if you have multiple clients, each organizer could be dedicated to one, so you don’t miss a beat. There are lo lot of different ways to use them to help you stay organized.
Metal Wall Mount Entryway Storage Basket Mail Sorter Decorative Vine Design Mail Center & Key Rack

Keeping with the theme of going vertical, using a key rack is an ideal solution. You can hang things like keys, lanyards, or your office badge (since you won’t be needing this). Use the open top to organize and store mail, catalogs, important documents, cell phone, tablets, reading glasses… The list goes on and on!
3 Drawer Plastic Office Desk Organizer Storage Caddy 3 Drawer Tower

This baby is a game changer. I have several on my desk and they keep pens, highlighters, tape, pins, clips, staples, notepads, anything and everything. The best part? You can you this vertically or horizontally. You can stack a couple on top of each other and use the top as a storage shelf.
7 Section Expandable Home Office Drawer Organizer Drawer Organizer

Does the thought of opening your office drawer bring chills up your spine? Is it just another “junk drawer”? Well, it doesn’t have to be. Using this drawer organizer can simplify your life. It has 7 compartments to hold office essentials and streamline drawers. It is expandable so you can customize it to fit your drawer size! Having a home for all your small office supplies will calm your mind.

Once you add your own stamp to your new home office for two, the real productivity begins! Don’t stress if it isn’t perfect, as we are all getting used to our normal too.

Now, remember through all of this, respect each other’s space and know this isn’t going to last forever. #weareallinthistogether

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Posted: Apr 16, 2020