Create a Beautiful, Colorful Garden

Create a Beautiful, Colorful Garden

Being stuck at home doesn’t have to be a drag, add some flowers to brighten up your day!

As many of us are trying to return to normal, and have been cooped up for several weeks or months, why not brighten up your home with some summer flowers? Not a gardener? Have a brown thumb? Me too. Don’t worry, there are lots of plants and flowers out there that don’t require too much work but can bring a lot of happiness to your home!

Bonus? You can grow these and then drop them off at friends, family members, or neighbors to spread the love, too!

First, think about what grows well in your area.

Many of your major home improvement stores stock up on these types of flowers and plants and they are a great resource to go and chat to. For me, I look at two different things when picking out what I am going to plant. Colors and benefits. There are many plants out there that say they are mosquito repellents, so I stock up on those. I also think about where I am planting these. Are they going in the front or back of the house, hanging near a window, or on my back porch? That helps me plan out what I am going to purchase. Lastly, I also take into consideration my family – I know, they aren’t helping with the watering or up-keep, but I do like to add in something that I know they will like.

Second, containers!

This can make or break your potted masterpiece, so choose wisely. Whether you are choosing indoor or outdoor plants there are many different options.

If you are looking to brighten up a small space and don’t have much room on the floor or counter, try one of these window holders. They are the perfect size to add a tiny bit of sunshine to your room. Or if you have room, you can add a wall-mount shelf that gets some sunlight like these! If you are not sure your plant can live in your place, try a fake one! I promise I won’t tell.

Small Household Suction Cup Window Shelf Holder 4 Section Divided Wall Mount Household Shelf Bin

Another unique option is this 3-tier cart. You will need to line the bottom with a planter liner (you can get this anywhere, even online!) but it makes for a cute, decorative holder that all your friends are going to want to steal!

A more traditional route you can take is a plant stand. mDesign has modern plant stands that come in several metal finishes and varying sizes. You can create a trio of plants or use them individually. These are perfect indoors or outdoors. I have these on my stoop, and they bring me joy every time I open the door!

Once done, keep your gardening tools and supplies organized and easy to find with these wire baskets and 2-tier shelves.

Metal Wire Home Storage Bin with Label Plate 2 Tier Metal Garage Storage Organizer Rack

Still not into gardening?

That’s ok… but know someone who is? Why not put together a gardening basket. Using a metal wire basket with fabric liner as the base, fill it up with goodies to send to your favorite Gardner. After all this social distancing, it would be nice to let your pal know you are thinking of them during this time.

Remember, gardening is supposed to relax and bring joy.

Don’t stress over the small things. Pick flowers or plants you like and have fun with it! For more inspiration, check out our DIY Succulents blog.

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Posted: May 5, 2020