Cleaning on Move-In Day

Cleaning on Move-In Day

5 Steps to a Clean and Organized College Dorm Room

It's time to move into your new digs! Moving into a new place is always challenging let alone during a global pandemic. You're trying to shove all of your stuff into your half of your dorm and worrying about germs and clean surfaces. Well have no fear! There's no better time to clean then before unpacking and mDesign is here to help with this comprehensive 5 Steps to a Clean and Organized College Dorm Room plan. This step-by-step plan will help you to get a clean space and peace of mind. Then you can get back to the jigsaw puzzle of fitting your life into a dorm room!

A Clean Dorm - Gather Supplies, Deep Clean, Surface Clean, Organize Closet and Desk

Cleaning Supply Usage Cheat Sheet:

  1. All-purpose cleaner or other cleaning solutions – Before bringing your things into your room start off by wiping down all surfaces. Wipe down all your countertops, computers, the inside and outside of your microwave and refrigerator, as well as any other appliances.
  2. Antibacterial wipes – These work best when wiping down door handles and drawer/desk pulls which are often overlooked when cleaning.
  3. Mini-vacuum – For carpeted rooms, it is important to vacuum the carpet regularly. If you don’t have your own vacuum, the dorm floor or Resident Desk may have one available for check out. Protect your carpet or floors by having two mats: one outside and one inside the door. Use this time to spot treat any carpet stains. For hard surface floors, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping will be enough to keep the floors clean.
  4. Paper towels – For cleaning glass surfaces and outside of microwaves, paper towels are a staple. You may want to consider purchasing a box of rags at a local big-box retailer. These cotton all-purpose rags are great for weekend clean-up jobs and will last the entire semester!
  5. Broom, dustpan, and mop – A small dustpan and mop and broom will not take up too much room in your dorm, especially if you keep them organized by using. Remember to pick up and remove garbage daily.

Essential Cleaning and Storage Items:

Now that you’ve cleaned your dorm, you need a compact way to organize and store your cleaning supplies until the next time they’re needed. Don’t worry, mDesign has you covered! Check out these cleaning and storage supplies:

Plastic Compact Toilet Bowl Brush Holder Large Plastic Kitchen Pantry & Cleaning Supplies Storage Caddy Tote Bamboo Kitchen Utility Dish Scrub Brush Combo Set Plastic Kitchen cleaning supplies Storage Organizer Bin Small Plastic Trash Can Garbage Bin, Swing Lid Dust Pan & Angled Brush Set, Cleaning Accessories

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Posted: Aug 12, 2020