Bottle Storage Ideas

Bottle Storage Ideas

Store your bottles and breastmilk supplies with these tips!

Are you a new mom working on your freezer stash? Or maybe you’re a mom, like me, that struggles with the whole breastfeeding situation and turned to formula. Doesn’t matter if you bottle or breastfeed, fed is best! This isn’t about whether one is better than the other, this is about all those dang parts you must store no matter which route you take.

I swear, baby companies love making 1,000 different parts for the bottle or breast pump. Not only am I trying to keep a tiny human alive, now I have to clean and store all these parts in a way that I can remember at 2 AM when the baby is screaming for food.

Let’s start with breast milk storage. There are two ways to store – in the fridge and the freezer. In the fridge storage, your breast milk bags need to be stored upright (heaven forbid there be a spill, amirite?) These plastic breast milk containers hold up to 9 bags of milk and are ready to grab at a moment’s notice. The high side walls make sure others can’t easily tip them over, and with the open tops you can easily see the date/ounces marked, and how many bags you have left.

When storing in your freezer, most bags lay down flat at first and then can be stored upright. I suggest a 2-pronged approach. First, designate an area for the bag to lay flat for a few hours; I used one of these plastic storage bins to keep my bags secured. Once they were frozen enough to be stored upright, you can move containers. Remember the plastic storage bins we used in the fridge? You guessed it! They are perfect for the freezer, too. I would store those puppies in the same container I used in the fridge. Why is it genius, you ask? When you are low on your fridge stash and need to move over your to freezer stash, since they are in the same containers, it makes it a no-brainer and no thought required.

Plastic Breast Milk/Baby Formula Storage Bin

When you are bottle-feeding, there are so. many. parts. to. keep. track. of. Not only do you have to clean and sanitize them all, but you must store them in a way that is logical for your brain to remember while running on fumes. Have no fear, we are here to help!

Let’s start with the bulky stuff – the bottles themselves. There are two ingenious out-of-the-box ideas I’m going to share. First, these open front dip bins that stack. You can create vertical space right on your kitchen counter! On the bottom, you can store your bottles. In the middle, formula and then on the top, you can have your extra nipples and bottle caps. To get even extra organized, you can add additional containers to keep items separate. Try adding two of these small containers with lids to the mix!

The second idea is to bust out one of these shower caddies. Grab a self-adhesive hook and put it on the cabinet wall next to your sink (make sure you get a large one that can hold the weight) and hang it. With the hooks, you can store bibs, your washing scrubber, bottles, nipples, pacis, teething rings, you name it. Plus, it doesn’t take up any extra counter space, which is oh-so-precious!

Last but not least, our 3-drawer plastic storage organizer is a great option to keep in your kitchen and store all your bottle-feeding parts. Here you can store and organize within each drawer your separate parts. The easy-pull knobs and different color selections make this an organizer that is functional yet stylish.

Happy Feeding!
And remember, it’s ok to cry over spilled milk – breast or formula.

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Posted: Feb 5, 2020