Bath Time!

Bath Time!

Keeping Your Baby Bath Time Essentials Organized

Bath time! Scrubba dub dub! Rubber duckies and bubbles and giggles galore! Bath time is such a precious experience for both parents and their babies. The first bath after your child comes home with you is always a momentous event, followed by years of watching your little one run to the tub in excitement, explore the water, and play with all their favorite toys. All while undoubtedly making a watery, bubbly mess!

I personally remember the wonderful feeling of being wrapped up in a warm towel by my mother when I was very young after a bath and how loved and happy that made me feel. Being able to give that feeling back to your own little spawns is such a special thing.

As your child gets older, toys and bath time accessories inevitably fill your bathroom/tub and the whole area is soon overrun with kiddie things! It can get out of control fast, as bath toys and soaps are a very popular baby shower/baby birthday gift.

To keep these accessories under control and at an arm’s reach, mDesign’s got you covered.

Totes are a great way to collect and organize your baby cleaning needs. Suction shower caddies are a cute, fun way to keep toys/soap nearby and collected. Suction them right to the shower or tub wall. Move them to higher ground so as not to be easily reached by your child or keep it in close proximity to the water so they can pick and choose what to play with and practice their clean up skills when bath time is over!

If you have a linen closet in your bathroom, you can maximize your space with a hanging closet organizer. Store extra towels, toys, lotions, diapers, and more inside the 12 multi-sized compartments. On the side is a towel rod in case you need more room for drying. Everything you need for before, during, and after bath time is right there when you need it!

For items that you generally prefer to keep dry and away from your bubbly baby, a divided organizer tote is the way to go. The top handle makes moving it on and off shelves a breeze, and the multiple compartments are perfect for all your necessities. Soaps, combs, toys, washcloths, and more all fit perfectly into this tote.

Need to grab the soap or lotion after bath time at a moment’s notice before your little one soaks the whole bathroom in excitement? Try a turntable! These can display nicely on top of your counters, underneath vanities, or inside linen closets. They are spacious enough to hold many soaps and lotions, and you can spin the turntable smoothly to pick just out the one you’re looking for.

Whether you need your items in the bath itself, nearby under/on top of the sink, or tucked away in a linen closet, there are so many quick and easy ways to turn your bath time into fun time when you have one less thing to worry about – where to find all your essentials!

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Posted: Feb 17, 2020