Back to School… Maybe

Back to School… Maybe

With Covid-19 still surging, what school will look like this fall for all K-12 students is up in the air. We all hope we can send kids back soon when the environment is safe for all students and teachers. Until then, we might need to prepare for online school. When schools first closed in the spring, it was hectic having the kids home trying to attend classes online, but this time we have time to plan, and there isn’t anything we can’t tackle with a good plan! Jamie from Montgo Farmhouse walks us through the school study area she set up for her kindergartener.

I would have never imagined that as we were preparing for our first born to start kindergarten that a global pandemic would be going on. COVID-19 has impacted so many and so much. It is still up in the air as to what school will look like for Cedar this fall. But no matter what, he will need to continue to learn and grow! So my plan for his homework desk continued on!

I knew that I wanted to create a special place for him to do his school work and hopefully build excitement about kindergarten! Y’all know I love a beautifully organized space with containers and labels for everything, so when mDesign pitched the idea of a Back to School campaign using their amazing products, I was over the moon!

Skot built this desk from about $50 of wood! Score! I then painted it Sherwin William’s Naval. The shelf is a simple piece of wood held up with brackets from the hardware store. I’m so thankful that Skot is always down to build whatever I need and to help out with my projects… he only complains a little bit! ;-)

…So far, Cedar has mainly used his desk to build Lego masterpieces but I am hoping that in a few short weeks he will be in this little nook learning all sorts of new stuff!

I hope you enjoyed a close up look at our boy’s new little homework area! I love creating spaces like this in our home and sharing it with you! I also love introducing you to brands like mDesign ! I hope you will check them out for your next home project!

This blog has been abridged and reposted with permission from Montgo Farmhouse. Read the full article here.

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Posted: Jul 23, 2020