An Organized Classroom

An Organized Classroom

How to organize your classroom and inspire learning

Well, it’s back to school….for teachers!

That means that teacher vacations are over, and they are heading back this week to prepare their classrooms. Hopefully, both teachers and students return refreshed and ready to go! To keep teachers and students energized throughout the entire school year, most teachers create a well-organized classroom with designated inviting spaces.

mDesign recently collaborated with a local second-grade teacher, who teaches in a low-income neighborhood. It’s just my opinion but I think teachers have one of the hardest jobs in the world, without having the added burden of spending money out of their own pockets to fix up their classrooms, which is common in economically challenged neighborhoods like hers.

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Posted by Central Primary School on Thursday, May 2, 2019

She is not alone. There are thousands of amazing teachers just like her. There just isn’t enough money available for them to deck out their classrooms the way they would like. So, we were able to surprise Melissa with a mini-classroom makeover. She was stunned but ever so excited!

How do you start to organize your classroom? It may seem daunting and overwhelming, but don’t all tasks when you first start?

We started by dividing the room into designated specific learning zones, then, we picked two most important zones to transform. The back shelving was complete chaos so I knew that would have to be revamped. Also, I wanted her to feel comfortable and happy when working at her desk, so we decided to create a new teaching zone.

Our goal for the next two hours was to concentrate on the storage shelves and her desk. We started working straight away.

Here was our plan of attack:

  • We created an inspiring theme. This year it is pastels.
  • Melissa’s classroom has alternative seating, so with that in mind, we wanted to ensure there was plenty of walking space to reach each of the zones we wanted to create.
  • We experimented with different classroom layouts to determine which layout would work best for teacher and student.
  • Once a layout was determined, we decided where to place the specific zones (book bag drop, paper turn in, art and craft, science, reading nook, etc.)
  • Focusing on the storage shelves first, we took everything off the shelves and separated like items on a big table. We grouped, markers, pencils, erasers, scissors, papers and small office supplies such as push pins and paperclips.
  • Then we determined what organizational items to put them in. Using the mDesign turntable for writing utensils.
  • Next, we decided to donate any containers that were worn out or dark in color and replace them with mDesign’s light-colored fabric storage boxes with windows.
  • We added a pink polka dot hanging file folder near the front of the door so that students could easily drop off notes, homework, or papers that needed to be turned in.
  • Next, we set up a teaching zone by getting rid of anything that was not properly contained, then, we put everything into brand new desk organization containers. We hung wire baskets for her to store file folders, and set up a fabric storage drawer system.
  • Lastly, we assessed what was left to accomplish in her classroom and made a list of items that were still needed.

Take a look at our two-hour classroom makeover!

Before After

I’ll be back Melissa! Wishing you and EVERY teacher, an amazing new school year! Thanks for all you do!

For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.
-Benjamin Franklin

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