7 Safe Shopping Tips

7 Safe Shopping Tips

Getting back to normal is slowly starting! Keep safe with these tips from mDesign

As we enter this next phase of our new normal, there is going to be some adjusting that we all need to consider. If you have gone out to the grocery store lately, you’ll notice it is a whole new ballgame. One-way aisle, signs on the floor of where to stand, and general signs all over the place to practice safe social distancing. Also, everyone is dawning the latest fashion accessory – the face covering!

Here are 7 quick tips that will make shopping trips less overwhelming:

1 Go to the store early

Most stores have modified hours during this time so be sure to check with them before you go, but in general going in early will improve the chances of encountering fewer fellow shoppers. The less people in the store, the less chance of encountering someone who may be sick or at risk. Also, many major retailers have designated hours for the compromised or elderly. Again, check with them before you go!

2 Wear a face covering

While this might not go with your outfit or be the most comfortable you should still wear one just in case you are asymptomatic and might spread it to someone who is compromised. Learn how to make one out of a bandana here - no sewing required!

3 Be patient

As we navigate this new normal, one thing I have learned is the art of patience. If someone is browsing the cheese section, stay 6 ft. away and wait for them to finish their selection. I know it takes a lot not just to squeeeeeze in there and grab the swiss cheese that you need but during this time we need to practice safe distancing. You never know if that person is at risk or has been exposed. I promise, you’ll get your cheese!

4 Wash your hands

While this practice isn’t anything new, it still needs to be repeated. I know I wash my hands as soon as I get to the store, after I check out, and then when I get home and put the groceries away. I might be a bit excessive – but I am also in the higher risk category due to my pregnancy and would rather be safe than sorry. There's been a lot of talk online lately about the proper way to wash your hands.  Check out this demonstration using purple paint.

5 Shop quickly and with purpose

This isn’t the time to go up and down every aisle and browse (although I would give anything to do to a TJMaxx browsing right about now!). Limiting your time in the store is essential to limiting your contact with other people. Having a shopping list prepared and on hand to help expedite the trip.

6 Wipe down your cart or basket

Most stores offer disinfecting wipes or are disinfecting the carts before you enter the store. Either way, wipe down the cart to make sure it’s freshly sanitized by the time you get to it.

7 Stay socially distant

Yes, the 6 ft. rule. Many stores have changed to one-way aisles, so you don’ have to pass patrons or having markings on the floor to show where to stand for the deli counter and checkout line. Remember to give your cashier space, too.

Remember, this isn’t going to last forever, even though it seems like it. Every little step helps. Even the friendly, “Thank You” goes a long way in a time like this. We are all going through this together, so let’s help one another and ourselves out as much as we can right now!

Even with precautions, many people might not feel comfortable shopping in stores. One of the safest ways to shop is to shop online. Check out our online blogs featuring ways to stay safe during this time.

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Posted: May 5, 2020