7 Clever Space Saving Tips

7 Clever Space Saving Tips

Finding new ways to organize your space!

When thinking of cleaning you house, do you ever wish you could just start over? I mean, buy a new house start over? Or is that just me? Even though I have the best intentions when purchasing a house or renting an apartment of thinking of every little detail I need, I somehow still need more room.

Well, I might not be able to convince you that you need a new house, but I can help you find some clever tips and tricks to finding and creating extra space in your space.

Space Saving Tips & Tricks

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1 First, go vertical. I know I have said this again and again, but it’s true! Adding a second layer of space to any unused area instantly adds organization and space. Our 2-tiered Lazy Susans are perfect for kitchens – use to organize spices, cans, pantry items or put in the fridge if there is room!

2 So, hear me out on this one: I am channeling my inner Kardashian here. If you follow these icons on social media, you know that organization is key in their homes. During their social media show-and-tells, we learned a fascinating organizational hack: smaller bins inside larger bins. One way to put this to everyday life use is cubby bins. I have cubby bins at home and used them to put all coloring supplies in. Inside the cubby bin, I put a smaller lidded bin to keep all the crayons, markers, and writing utensils inside the other bin. Now, everything is in one place!

3 Need help storing all those small items that have no home? mDesign’s storage caddies and totes are perfect for all sorts of items to help you create extra space. You can use it to store craft supplies, bathroom essentials, cleaning supplies, and more. They have an easy-carry handle so you can take them from room to room and they come in a variety of sizes to match any needs!

4 When organizing your kitchen, you have your go-to items, like plates and dishes above the dishwasher, spices near the stove, etc. Have you ever wished you could squeeze a bit more space out of your cabinets? By adding a storage shelf to your cabinets or even on your counter, you can create extra vertical space. Or, if you want, there are hanging baskets that slide onto most cabinet shelves and you can hang extra mugs, snack bags, even food!

5 Sometimes you must think outside the box - or cabinet for this instance. Wall mount magazine holders make the perfect dry storage organizer that easily mounts to the side of your cabinet. You can put in potatoes or onions and have them handy for the next time you need them! Or if you don’t want your food out in the open, you can put your cookbooks there for easy access.

6 When you think of adding extra space to your home, think backs of doors. This space is usually untouched but can store lots of essentials. In the kitchen you can use this wall mount spice rack on the back of your cabinet doors. In your closet, you can add an over door shoe rack to have your most worn shoes ready to grab-and-go. By the front door, hang a wall mount mail and key center for your “drop zone” items. To add more space under your sink, add a wall mount bag holder to keep all those reusable bags in their place.

7 Adding functional items to your home that not only look good but hide extra storage, are fundamentals for an organized home. When everything has a place, it’s easy to put things back where they belong. Try adding a storage side table to your living room or bedroom. You can store blankets, magazines, reading glasses, tablets, and lots of other goodies on the bottom while keeping the clutter off your floor.

Metal Wall Mount Magazine Rack Newspaper Stand 6 Hook Farmhouse Metal Wall Mount Storage Basket Steel Storage Side Table with Built-in Basket

There ya go!

Just a few simple tips to keep your small spaces organized like a pro! Happy organizing! 

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Posted: Mar 25, 2020